15 Minute Manifestation Review

Eddie Sergey, an entrepreneur and creator of 15 Minute Manifestation, didn’t grow up under ideal circumstances. Sergey was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just a child and grew up in a poverty-stricken family.

Though he is now cancer free, he credits his story and past for propelling him into discovering how the brain works and, more importantly, how it can be manipulated through manifestation.

Sergey’s system incorporates theta brainwave technology. This brainwave state has a greater amplitude than its predecessors but a lower frequency range between 5 and 8 cycles a second.

So what does this mean?

Well, according to Scientific American, many of us enter a theta state without even realizing.

“A person who has taken time off from a task and begins to daydream is often in a theta brainwave state. A person who is driving on a freeway, and discovers that they can’t recall the last five miles, is often in a theta state–induced by the process of freeway driving.” – Scientific American

 Sergey’s program uses these theta brainwaves to bring you to a more fulfilled and relaxed state of mind.


Because 15-Minute Manifestation is about speaking to your subconscious mind and transforming your underlying conditioning, so your attention is finally free to focus on abundance.

Read on to find out how 15 Minute Manifestation can allow you to think yourself into success and happiness.

How it Works

Because Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation is an audio, it is simple to use and can be played on your phone, CD player or any other comparable audio player.

This is a description of 15 Minute Manifestation from the website:

“The audio tracks are created using hemispheric-synchronization technology audio that speaks directly to your subconscious, to help you eliminate limiting beliefs. It is blended with high-quality, real nature sounds like rain, ocean waves, streambeds and wind, for a truly unique and immersive listening experience.”

The program is completed over the course of 21 days as you listen to each of the three tracks consecutively for one week, just 15 minutes a day.

The idea behind 15 Minute Manifestation is similar to the law of attraction. If there is something you want or desire in life, you have the ability to will or think your way into receiving it through manifestation.

Manifestation can also work in reverse. If you constantly think about what you don’t want to happen you will actually manifest through very things into existence.

Therefore, manifestation requires a certain positivity and state of mind to work, one that Sergey hopes to give to his readers through these audio tracks.

The ‘Editor’

According to Sergey, the ‘Editor’ is the section of your brain that limits what you actually believe you can accomplish. For example, if you really want a promotion at work but deep down in your subconscious you don’t believe it will happen or you are capable – it won’t become reality.

He explains that our individual ‘Editor’s’ begin to take shape the moment we are born and are based around our experiences and surroundings.

What Sergey attempts to do with his 15 Minute Manifestation program is to erase those thoughts of disbelieve that are imbedded in the Editor.

This will allow you to be freer, lighter and have a newfound belief if yourself and the things you wish to accomplish.

What’s included?

15 Minute Manifestation program is broken up into three tracks: Your Natural State, Your New Story and Moving Toward Abundance.

Track 1 – Your Natural State

The program starts by opening your mind up to its most natural state. It will “tell” your subconscious mind that you don’t have to “work hard” to create abundance. Instead, it will dissolve the limiting beliefs and stories that are currently pushing away what you really want.

“Your Natural State” resets your brain to the condition it was in when you were born: Rich with endless possibiliy rather than endless scarcity.

Track 2 – Your New Story

The next step is to forget your old story – the story that has been sabotaging the financial breakthroughs you know you SHOULD have already experienced.

So, when your subconscious “learns” your NEW story, all of the negative circumstances that used to own your attention… just naturally fall away, and get replaced with what you really want.

And obviously, the more you observe, in your current reality, what you really want, the faster you’ll gain an incredible amount of momentum towards getting more of that! More of everything you’ve been dreaming of, since, wel forever.

Track 3 – Moving Towards Abundance

The final track on the 15 Minute Manifestation asks you to move towards abundance.

Now that The Editor is coming from its natural state of unlimited possibility, you’re going to start consciously “playing” with your experience of reality.

But here’s something you really need to be aware of: your attention is either moving you towards something, or away from something. But either way, you’re always manifesting where your attention is, right now. So, Track 3, “Moving Towards Abundance” helps focus your attention on telling your new story of abundance and prosperity.

Track 3 deals a lot with visualization and picturing what you desire in life.

The Process

These tracks work to reprogram your mind and the way you think. The theta frequency reaches our brain through the hypnosis audio provide through 15 Minute Manifestation.

The audio in these tapes attempts to incorporate Hemispheric Synchronization, which is an unusual condition in which the electrical activity of the brain is balanced.

In general, the left and right brain work independently of one another and generate signals of their own.

What about the science?

Unlike similar programs, Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation is backed by scientific research and study.

Though manifestation can often appear more like “wishful thinking” rather than a real-life solution, there are some scientists and manifestation experts who disagree.

To determine whether or not manifestation and positive thinking could affect our day-to-day lives, neuroscientist Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin at Madison turned to Buddhist monks.

Through this study of these Olympian’s of the mind, Davidson was able to monitor the monks brain activity while they meditated. He compared these measurements with a group of students at his college who had little to no experience with meditation but were quickly taught the basic idea behind it.

One of the most noticeable differences between the brain activity of the students and the monks was that there was greater activation in a brain network linked to empathy and maternal love in the monks.

It appeared that brain’s emotional regions seemed to become stronger with more years of meditation practice. This was groundbreaking because it leaned towards the idea that the positive state is a skill that can be trained.

And training the mind is exactly what Sergey hopes to accomplish through 15 Minute Manifestation.

Program Length

As the title depicts, the length of this program is 15 minutes and takes 3 weeks to complete (and to yield proper results.)

However, one of the biggest benefits to purchasing 15 Minute Manifestation is that after completing the program, it is yours to keep. This means you have the option of re-listening to the audio as needed.

Who is it For?

15 Minute Manifestation is meant for anyone wishing to cleanse their mind and manifest positive thinking for a more fulfilled life.

However, it’s important to note that most manifestation systems require a certain degree of belief and and positive thinking in order to have the greatest effect.


Does it Work?

Like most manifestation or positive-thinking audio or visual products, 15 Minute Manifestation will work as well as the person using it.

What does this mean?

Like we discussed above, manifestation requires a little effort on the part of the user. In fact, it is often a combination of the mindfulness of the subject and the powerful sounds and theta technology of the audio that create a successful experience.

Another reason that manifestation might not be working is that you aren’t focusing clearly on what you want. You can’t be broad when manifesting – in fact, the more details you can think of, the better.

Furthermore, what most people don’t realize is that manifestation doesn’t mean you just sit back, relax and wait for good things to happen. You still need to work hard and take the proper steps to accomplish your goal.

Manifesting will help make those steps easier and more attainable.  

And when you do receive what it was you desired or were working towards, try to implement gratitude and properly receive the gift that you received.

Trust in the process and you’ll have a more effective manifesting experience. Fears, doubts, disbelief and other negative thinking can hold you back from acheiving your dreams.

In conclusion,

If you allow yourself to relax and believe in the power of manifestation, Sergey’s product really has the potential to turn your life around.

The power of positive thinking can help you overcome the obstacles you’ve been struggling with.

You don’t need a new job, to win the lottery, to save for a new car to fulfilled – you can manifest these things into being, just as the monks trained themselves to be happy.

A more relaxed mind is one that can think clearer, reason better and have more creativity, allowing your goals and dreams to be more attainable.

Here is a customer testimonial posted on the 15 Minute Manifestation website:

“When I first tried listening to your tracks, I was totally skeptical. Especially when I didn’t experience “instant” results in the first day or two. But I stuck it out, and I am so glad I did. Something powerful happened between week two and three. Relationships started getting deeper and more meaningful. My bank account started getting fatter. I had more energy. I even had friends ask what was up with me! I just smile and point to my headphones.” – Vanessa Sharone, Long Beach

 Belle Gonzalez from Ashland, Oregon agrees, saying:

“From the minute I put on my headphones, I instantly felt a different INSIDE my head! It was like my brain felt alive and in tune…in a way I’d never experienced. It was crazy. The most amazing part was, within the first week, I could absolutely tell a difference in what I was manifesting. I had attracted and closed two HUGE contracts! Cha-ching!”

If you are looking to manifest good and positive things into your life, you can download all 3 tracks (and the bonus sleep track)


  • Simple to use. 15 Minute Manifestation is an audio file, which means that you can begin listening and reaping the benefits of the program immediately after purchasing
  • Small commitment. Because each audio track is only 15 minutes, and you only need to listen to one per day, the commitment needed to complete this program is very small. In addition, because this program is based on audio tracks, they can be listened anywhere and at any time (though it is advised not to listen to them while driving.)
  • Backed by research. There has been ample research on the power of manifestation and how positive thinking can will things into being. Furthermore, Sergey’s own research as well as his past experiences lend themselves to promoting a successful product


  • Takes three weeks to see results. While the audio files only take 15 minutes of listening a day, it takes 3 weeks to complete the program and to see any noticeable results.
  • May not work for everyone. As mentioned above, manifestation requires an open mind for it to work. If you go into the program thinking that it won’t work – it won’t work. Remember – you manifest what you think, even if they are negative thoughts. If you are skeptical about the power of manifestation, 15 Minute Manifestation is less likely to have an effect on your life.
  • Can’t listen to this program while driving. Although Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation can be listened to almost anywhere, it is advised not to listen to the audio tapes while driving or performing any task that requires full concentration. This is a setback for those who prefer to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while driving to work or while running errands

15 Minute Manifestation Price

You can download the entire program for a reduced price of $49 on the 15 Minute Manifestation website. This also includes a the bonus Free Sleep Now audio, which utilizes delta brainwave technology to relax you into a deep and restful sleep.

Money-Back Guarantee – 15 Minute Manifestation can be used risk-fee for up to one year. If you are unsatisfied with your experience there is a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 365 days after purchase.