The 30X30 Challenge Review – Brain and Body Optimal Workout

The 30X30 exercise and meditation program is the only comprehensive mental, physical and spiritual health program in existence.  Why?  Because it’s the only combination of meditation and exercise in the world—it’s that revolutionary.  In a few years’ time, there will be many knock-offs of 30X30, but why go for the imitations later when you can get in on the ground floor now?


Designed to combine both meditation and exercise into an easy-to-follow, fast daily regimen, the 30X30 system uses the most recent studies and breakthroughs on the Minimum Effective Dose Principle, which states:

  • It’s about how little you do, not how much
  • Three minutes of exercise done properly is more effective than two hours of improper exercise
  • Exercise and meditation can both be achieved by quickly unlocking a natural alpha state

How it Works

World-famous scientific brain research and development company MindValley teamed up with the creators of the P90X workout program to create the 30X30 Challenge.  What they came up with is a scientifically proven method that gives you the benefits of a rigorous workout and successful mediation system in the shortest amount of time possible (using the Minimum Effective Dosage).

  • 30 day program with 3 simple activities per day
  • 30 minutes out of your life each day for superior results, consisting of the following—
  • 5 minute reconditioning video cleanses your mind of clutter to make room for inspired ideas
  • 15 minute guided meditation brings you directly into the alpha state (something that takes meditation masters years to learn how to do—all you have to do is listen to the guided program)
  • 10 minute fast, fun workout with American Gladiator and P90X star, Christine, which utilizes the Minimum Effective Dose principle to get you maximum results


Here are some of the amazing reasons you should take the 30X30 Challenge:

  • Olympic athletes currently utilize the Minimum Effective Dose principle in their training
  • Based on program developed by legendary coach of the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team, Professor Izumi Tabata in 1996
  • Scientific study into principles as Olympic athletes hooked up to training and monitoring devices
  • Results showed 4 minutes of exercise netted better results for athletes than working out for one hour
  • Since then, 18 years of scientific studies back this finding
  • Findings published in Journal of Medicine, Science, Sports and Exercise and still validated to this day
  • 30X30 Challenge has been featured on Dr. Phil, CN, The Doctors, ABC and FOX


  • Super-powerful 5-minute daily “fast-action” videos from world-renowned Dr. Fab helps recondition your mind and eliminate the beliefs that limit your life, thus empowering you
  • One brand new 15-minute guided meditation every single day allows you to achieve the ultimate goal of meditation (alpha state) to unlock the maximum benefits.
  • All you have to do is listen and all the work is done for you thanks to the state of the art guided meditations
  • 30 sessions help your relationships, confidence, happiness, compassion, kindness and allow you to visualize your perfect body
  • Once visualized, you get Christine Bullock’s powerful, fun, fresh 10-minute daily workout that burns a ton of fat based on the Minimum Effective Dose principle


Thanks to a launch promotion, 30X30 is only $199 with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a $100 saving off the original cost, meaning you get this entire amazing program for just $6 per day.

30X30 Price

Thanks to a launch promotion, 30X30 is only $199 with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a $100 saving off the original cost, meaning you get this entire amazing program for just $6 per day.