5 Ways to Manifest Your Soul Mate

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In order to attract your perfect soul mate, you first need to know exactly what qualities you are looking for – and what qualities you will not even consider. However, unless you do this correctly the Universe will keep sending you potential love interests that are not 100% compatible with you, simply because you have not told it what you want.

  1. Get rid of jealous emotions

Do not be a jealous person. You do not want jealous energy to become you. Whenever you see a happy couple pass by, do you find that you have feelings of envy? Does it make you feel down about yourself and about your life? Stop and think for a second. What are you feeling jealous about, exactly? Are you jealous of the person who has found love? Do you wish you were that particular person? On the other hand, perhaps you are jealous of their mate. Do you want to take away their significant other and for that person to be yours? Chances are, this is not the case. Most likely, you are jealous of the happiness they seem to feel. You are envying the idea and the picture of love and happiness they are projecting. Never mind the fact that you do not know these people or what struggles they may be going through that are not visible on the surface. Jealousy is a wasteful feeling and a drain on your energy. You deserve love, but everyone’s journey is different. Why be jealous of someone else’s journey? Jealousy can actually become a hindering wall to finding your soul mate. It says to the universe that you would rather gawk and feel envious of someone else’s picture of love than wait for your own.

  1. Don’t be desperate

I am sure we have all heard or told someone who was looking for love to “not seem desperate.” Well, the same applies to the mind and your thoughts. Even if you do not feel as confident in yourself as you think you should at this point in your life, remember that this is temporary and that your thoughts truly shape the person you are. It is constantly shaping you every second you are alive, so if your thoughts are desperate, you will be desperate. It is that simple! A desperate version of you will repel people. It will especially keep your soul mate away!

  1. Do what your passionate about

Like attracts like, and you may see evidence of this law in every blade of grass and every growing tree. – Napoleon Hill

Do you want to be with someone who is lackluster about life? Chances are your soul mate will not want to be with someone like that either. If you do not already know what you love to do, figure out what you are passionate about and immerse yourself in it. Being active in your passions and doing what you love – this sends out positive energy from your soul. You will find people who are passionate about the same things you are. It is a certainty! It is a law of energy that like energy will attract like energy. Don’t you think it is a strong possibility that your soul mate will be passionate about some of the things that you are and that your passions might just be the very thing that bring you two together? Nevertheless, do not focus on your passion for your soul mate; focus on your passion because of the energy it brings to YOU!

  1. Don’t go looking for your soul mate

Do not go out on a quest to search high and low for your soul mate. Just keep living your life and creating positive energy around yourself and in yourself. While it is important to not focus so much anxious energy to find that person you are supposed to be with, you do need to keep your eyes open when they come to you! I’m sure some of you reading this may be confused or even scared that if you follow this, you will never find your soul mate. But that’s the great thing, you don’t need to “find” them. There is such a thing as trying too hard. When it comes to trying too hard to find love, you are actually preventing yourself from finding the right kind! If looking were the key to finding THE ONE, why is it that so many people who go to sources of single people (ready to mingle) almost always come up short? You know what we are talking about here. Bars, clubs, and so on, and so on. These places have a desperate and frustrated energy – an energy of trying entirely too hard. Finding your soul mate requires an organic, fluid, clear path of positive energy and self-love. When you are ready and the time is right, your soul mate will come to you. You do not need to know where or even how, it will happen. The important thing in the meantime, is to work on yourself so that you will be ready when they show up!

  1. Pray and meditate

Focus your spiritual energy and not so much your physical energy and time, on finding your true soul mate. You will spend plenty of physical energy once they are in your life! Praying and meditating to manifest your soul mate opens the pathways for him or her to come to you. This sends out the clearest and strongest frequency to the universe that you deserve and are ready for love. If you have any doubts or hesitations during this time period, expect a temporary delay, but do not focus on that delay! Continue doing it! Make it a good habit to set this time aside for yourself, your present, and your future. Eventually your confidence and true desires will become stronger than any obstacles that are blocking the way. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Therefore, become your very best friend and advocate for your life and love!

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