Abundant Mind Subliminal Visualization Videos Review

Visualization is the action that can bring form to dreams, desires, and wishes. However, over 80% of people do not have the capability to visualize effectively. In fact, there are blocks or walls in the subconscious mind preventing these individuals from manifesting and attracting their dreams.

Abundant Mind is an immense database of subliminal visualization videos proven to help individuals that struggle with visualization and manifesting their dreams. Each Abundant Mind Subminimal Visualization Video is a powerful high definition themed video combining the four most essential mind programming technologies: subliminal messages, life-altering affirmations, binaural beats, and a meditative audio soundtrack. The goal of each video is to trigger true and pure emotions that can break through any wall or barrier of the subconscious mind.

What’s Included

The Abundant Mind database contains a plethora of different visualization subliminal videos proven to help reprogram your subconscious mind. Currently, there are five different categories of videos available:

Wealth and Success

Each video in the wealth and success category is created to help reprogram the subconscious mind to believe in wealth and success. With videos such as: “Become a Money Magnet” and “Attract A Life of Luxury”, these videos will certainly help individuals seeking to develop not only an abundant mind, but also attract an abundant life.

Love and Relationships

In the Love and Relationship section, you will find different videos that will help you with attracting love in your life. With videos like “Attract Beauty Women” and “Attract A Perfect Man”, these videos will help shatter any self-debilitating thoughts in your subconscious mind preventing you from attracting love.

Healing Body and Mind

One reason why many people are struggling to attract their dreams is due to self-debilitating habits and thoughts. The Healing Body and Mind subliminal visualization videos can help heal the mind and body from fears, worries, and even past contradictions. It has been said that a human being contains the power to heal their entire body and mind –this is where it begins.

Special Abilities

This is one of the largest sections of Abundant Mind Visualization Videos. This section is catered towards improving and enhancing any special abilities such as physic abilities, luck, memory, master manifestor and even opening your third eye.

Each Abundant Mind Subliminal Visualization Video must be individually purchased. With each purchase, you will receive:

  • A full-length 30-45-minute video download.
  • A subliminal MP3 audio track download so that you may listen to the video while working out, shopping, or enjoying a leisure activity.
  • Lifetime support and e-mail assistance.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who Is It For?

The intention behind Abundant Mind was to create intriguing and stimulating videos for the 80% of people who do not visualize effectively. However, the Abundant Mind Subliminal Visualization Videos are perfect for anyone that seeks to use the Law of Attraction to create and manifest their dreams and desires.


The Abundant Mind Subliminal Visualization Videos appear to be the perfect complement to help anyone struggling with visualization or utilizing the law of attraction to bring form to their deepest desires and wishes.

This product, without question, contains the highest quality videos available on the market today. Built on the foundation of the four visualization elements created by founder Ty Summers, this is the perfect tool to begin reprogramming your subconscious mind from years of doubt, worry, fear, sadness, or any other self-debilitating factors.

Overall Feedback

Each subliminal visualization video only lasts between 30-45 minutes, depending on the video. With downloadable access to the video and audio, you can develop a routine or ritual of watching your specific subliminal visualization video every day. With each passing day of using Abundant Mind’s videos you will quickly shatter any walls or boarders preventing you from attracting your dreams and desires. The moment that you begin to change your habits and watch these videos is the moment that you will begin attracting and becoming the manifestor in your life.


  • Over 42 different subminimal visualization videos, with new videos added regularly.
  • Abundant Mind has videos for financial freedom, healthy body, stronger mind, love, and so much more.
  • Each video helps stimulate true and pure emotions, which is necessary for an effective visualization.
  • The tracks for each video are the perfect complement to help you relax while watching the video.
  • Easy to access with either a video or MP3.
  • Each video only lasts 30-45 minutes.


  • It could prove to be quite expensive if you are planning on buying multiple Abundant Mind Videos.
  • There are many subliminal visualization videos available for free on YouTube, although they are not categorized in an easy to find way and cannot be viewed offline.

Abundant Mind Price

A single Abundant Mind Subliminal Visualization Video is regularly priced at $29.95 (although currently they are running a 35% discount on their videos, so the price is $19). Abundant Mind will occasionally offer sales off each purchase, so be sure to check what promotions are being offered at the time of purchase.