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The world is awash in sensory awareness training courses and meditative applications designed specifically to help foster spiritual growth, concentration, healing and a better balance between mind and body. Binaural beats aren’t new. In fact, the methodology behind binaural beats was first uncovered in the early 1830s by a Prussian physicist and meteorologist by the name of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Almost 150 years later, a biophysicist named Dr. Gerald Oster concluded that binaural beats can affect physiological behaviors in people and deliver a host of real-world benefits. If you’re looking for the best binaural beats today, first ensure you understand exactly what the training entails – beginning with a definition of “binaural beats.”


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What are binaural beats?

The literal translation of binaural is “having or relating to two ears,” but the actual process goes something like this: Using a pair of headphones, two unique sound frequencies are introduced to the listener. One ear receives a certain frequency, while the other enjoys a frequency that is just a bit higher or lower than the first ear. This results in a slight, yet completely intentional, misalignment between the two sounds, causing the brain to perceive a third tone derived from the mathematical variance between the two frequencies.

For example, if a 195Hz sound is introduced to the right ear, and a 200Hz sound is sent to the left, the brain processes the two sounds and mentally creates a new frequency at 5Hz. This creates a phenomenon called “frequency following response.”

What are the benefits of binaural beats?

There are five unique frequency ranges that are accessed via binaural beat therapy, and each provides restorative benefits that are often felt almost immediately. Let’s look at these five categories and their related brainwave states – as well as how each frequency range can help provide tangible benefits for the listener.

Delta range (0.1 – 4.0 Hz)

* Better sleep

* Enhanced pain management

* Anti-aging/healing

* Access to unconscious mind

Theta Range (4.0 – 8.0 Hz)

* REM sleep

* Creativity

* Peace/meditative state

* Deep relaxation

Alpha Range (8.0 – 14.0 Hz)

* Stress reduction

* Positive thinking

* Quicker learning

* Better focus

Beta Range (14.0 – 30.0 Hz)

* Higher level cognition

* Better attention span

* Increased energy

* Better problem-solving abilities

Gamma Range (30.0 – 100.0 Hz)

* Better memory recall

* Optimum awareness levels

* Transcendental states

* High-level information processing

What should you consider when buying binaural beats?

First, make sure you have a comfortable and accurate pair of headphones. Some of today’s better models actually change the frequency of the source music to make songs sound clearer, brighter, or simply more pleasing to the ear. You’ll want to stay away from anything that touts “big bass” or “manipulated sound” – instead, opt for headphones that offer studio-quality “true” sound. A closed or “over-the-ear” design is preferable for optimum performance.

Next, ensure you work with a binaural beats purveyor who offers a wide range of downloadable music that can be paired with your desired physiological outcome. Categories should be varied and the music of high production quality, while the overall cost should be manageable. After all, if it is prohibitively expensive to reap the benefits of the binaural beats course, it might simply introduce another layer of stress.

Categories you should expect to find include: spirituality, relaxation, mind power, meditation, health, serotonin boost, muscle relaxation and more. Look for a site that offers free introductory memberships or a few no-cost downloads to get you started, then see if it works for you.

Binaural beats leverage the power of the mind’s natural responses to various audible frequencies and can deliver a host of real-world health and wellness benefits that must be felt to be believed. Find a reputable site that offers a wide array of binaural beats music choices, download a few selections, and begin your journey toward self-improvement today!

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