Best Lucid Dreaming Courses in 2019

Imagine the sense of control you’d feel if you could harness your dreams and use them to improve the quality of your life. The best lucid dreaming courses can help you do just that – you’ll remain conscious enough during your nightly dreams to control them (to a degree) and use these nightly escapades to improve your mind, body and spirit in numerous ways. And, the concept of lucid dreaming has been studied and supported via more than 200 years of research. Even Tibetan Monks have practiced dream control for more than 1,000 years through dream yoga. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll encounter when boosting your ability to control your dreams through lucid dreaming courses:

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First of all, what is Lucid Dreaming?

Most of us experience dreams in a totally passive manner – meaning we simply sit back and enjoy the ride, seemingly unable to influence the direction or tone of our dreams. Lucid dreaming refers to the ability to exert control over your dreams or consciously observe this alternate reality in an authentic manner. You’ll hear things in your dreams the way you want to hear them, taste foods or smell flowers or even soar through the air – experiencing what your mind thinks it would really feel like.

While some people think that lucid dreaming is unnatural, the exact opposite is true! You can unlock the potential within your own conscious mind through lucid dreaming, and you can do so from the comfort of your own bed!

How can Lucid Dreaming help you?

Lucid dreaming can improve the quality of your life, empower you in ways you never thought imaginable, and even boost your sense of vitality and wellness after just a few nightly dreams. Here are several ways lucid dreaming can help you:

* You’ll take control of your dreams and minimize the frequency of nightmares or bad dreams

* You can boost your sense of creativity and experiment with new things while asleep

* You’ll take big steps toward conquering fears or phobias – all in the safety of your resting mind

* You can practice real skills! Jack Nicklaus used lucid dreaming to improve his golf swing!

* You’ll get better, deeper, more restful sleep

* It’s downright fun to be able to consciously control your dreams

* You’ll find unlimited inspiration that can help you innovate at work or at home

* You’ll spend your sleeping hours in a good place, versus having nightmares or tossing and turning

What should you look for in a Lucid Dreaming App or course?

While there are in-person courses one can take to learn and master the art of lucid dreaming, the Internet is awash in highly-effective apps and interactive courses that make it truly convenient to practice lucid dreaming. Leading apps include:

* Reality check reminders to help you evaluate your surroundings

* Some type of dream journal to catalog your adventures and experiences

* Audio cues built into the app to help you enter a state of lucidity

* Cloud-based backup

* Sublimators – tools that promote pre-sleep visual augmentation

* The support of a virtual facilitator

Lucid dreaming can help you unlock your inner creative side, can minimize the occurrence of bad dreams, and can significantly improve your sense of mind/body/spiritual balance. Millions of people have created the life they’ve always wanted by tapping into the power of lucid dreaming. Download a leading lucid dreaming course today and see firsthand how amazing it feels to be in control – when awake or during your nightly rest.