Binaural Beats Meditation Review

Music has been used to quiet the mind and soothe the soul for thousands of years. If you’ve ever been moved to tears by a particular song or had a bad mood disappear when your favorite jam comes on the radio, you already know the power of music on emotions.

Of course, you may not know exactly which songs are best for achieving the state of mind you want. But what if you could? What if, by popping your headphones into your ears for a few minutes, you could improve your focus for work? What if you could deepen your spirituality? What if you could, for the first time since your kid got their license, actually get a good night’s sleep? That’s what you can have with Binaural Beats Meditation, a website that offers downloadable MP3s to improve your mental and physical health.

How It Works

Binauaral beats works by sending low-frequency audio tones directly to your brain, stimulating your mental processes. These audio files can only be heard if both sides of the brain are being stimulated, which is where the term binaural comes from. Their website shows this to you with a sample track. If you put on headphones and listen to the sample track you can hear it, but if you take out either headphone–it doesn’t matter which one–the audio file can no longer be perceived.

What’s Included

Binaural Beats Meditation separates their meditations into four distinct areas:

  • Relaxation
  • Wellbeing
  • Mind Power
  • Spirituality

The area worked by your meditations will depend on which one you decide to purchase. Numerous meditations are offered which can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Each downloadable MP3 includes both a 30-minute and 60-minute version of the meditation. They also include an instruction guide for getting the most out of your download, and they offer a replacement policy in case you ever lose access to your download.

Who Is It For?

In the case of Binaural Beats Meditation, the better question may be “Who is it not for?” Every one of us could use a little more focus on a hard day, a boost to our mind-body connection, or even just the ability to achieve a restful power nap. The varied meditations offered through Binaural Beats Meditation means that absolutely everyone could benefit.

Program Length

  • Recommend no more than 3 MP3s/day
  • Each meditation is 30-60 minutes long (it provides a 30-minute version and a 60 minute version)


Binaural beats are scientifically-proven to help with such things as stress, pain, and focus. Some studies even indicate that they may help with fibromyalgia. Even better, it’s clear that the people behind Binaural Beats Meditation have done their homework and understand the science behind binaural beats, which means that you can put your confidence in their product.


It’s hard to list all of the pros offered by listening to binaural beats, but here are some of the biggest ones:

  • The testimonials on their website show that the product works. One user said that after years of not being able to sleep through the night and using numerous products, this is the first thing that has actually helped them.
  • Their customer service is quick and polite. We sent an email to test this out and received a response within the hour! It was clear from the tone of the email that we were talking to a real member of the team who cared about the product.
  • The price is right, and even better, they offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your download.


  • Although it’s hard to find any flaws with the product itself or with the customer service, it’s unsettling not to be able to see the price of the meditations until you go to check out. However, once you learn how the pricing works on the site, this becomes a non-issue.

Binaural Beats also offers a free 10-minute “chill pill” meditation that you can use to test out the effectiveness of the beats before you make a purchase. Between that and their 7-day money-back guarantee, it may be the most risk-free $10 you’ve ever spent.

Binauaral Beats Meditation Price

Do you remember the days when you would spend $15-$20 on an album or CD because you liked one or two songs on it? That averages out to about $2.50-$3.00 per minute of auditory entertainment. Binaural Beats, on the other hand, costs a mere $10.00 for a single meditation, which includes both 30-minute and 60-minute versions. If that weren’t enough of a steal, they also offer packs of 6 meditations for only $35.00.