Brainwave Shots Review

Have you ever been too stressed to concentrate? Too jet-lagged to wake-up? Too tense to really relax? What if I told you that your emotions, mood or state of mind could be altered simply by listening to certain sounds and audio? That’s what BrainwaveShots aims to do with their innovative digital downloads. These 15 minute audios can help change the course of your brainwaves in order to promote a happier, healthier and stress-free life.

How it Works

Brainwave Shots use special embedded “brainwave sounds” to influence how you feel – replicating key states, such as increased brain power, creativity, happiness, confidence, motivation, and relaxation.

This is otherwise known as Brainwave Entrainment, or any procedure that causes one’s brainwave frequencies to synchronize with a periodic stimulus.

There are multiple ‘shots’ available for purchase, each fulfilling a different feeling – from happiness, focus, relaxation and more. Each audio contains a variety of noises including nature and ambient sounds.

To use you simply hit play and listen. In theory, by the end of the session, you’ll be fully within the desired state of mind.

Of course, having an open mind can influence the success of the shots. Those who are more receptive to the idea of brainwave entrainment are more likely to experience noticeable results.

Who is it For?

BrainwaveShots is for anyone wanting to change their state of mind. There are no age restrictions as the process of using these audio ‘shots’ is harmless.

Disclaimer: BrainwaveShots does state there are some contraindications and that those who suffer from epilepsy should have caution when using these products or should consult a doctor prior to use.

What’s Included?

The BrainwaveShots library is broken up into 7 different categories with 5 various ‘shots’ listed under each one. These shots can be purchased separately or as one large package.

The categories are: Brain, Relaxation, Mood, Energy, Health, Meditation and State.


  • Brain Power Shot – The first shot under this’ category is the Brain Power Shot. This shot aims to think faster, boost creativity, problem solve and increase overall intelligence. The duration of the Brain Power Shot is 15 minutes but also includes an extended 30-minute version to further enhance the results.
  • Learning Shot – This shot works to elevate your learning power by providing audio that promotes a powerful state of alertness. The result includes enhanced research skills, a more inquiring mind and a boost in your overall learning capacity.
  • Exam Time Shot – The Exam Time shot provides the listener with audio sounds that promote a balance of alertness and calmness to help focus on an exam or general studies. This shot promises to provide mental clarity, heightened concentration and and ‘problem-free’ exam preparation 
  • Focus Shot – If you’re looking to hone in on your focusing skills, this shot is for you. You’ll benefit from whole-brain thinking, a surge of motivation to complete tasks, and the ability to direct your attention effortlessly.
  • Creativity Shot – The final shot dealing with cognitive ability increases creativity. You’ll be flooded with inspiring options and ideas and Enjoy lateral thinking and limitless invention.


  • Relaxation Shot – Looking for serious relaxation? This shot aims to get you relaxed and calm in order to free your mind of worry and anxiety.
  • Stress Reduction Shot – BrainwaveShots promises to wash away all your worries. You’ll have the enhanced ability to quiet unwanted mental chatter and enjoy a more relaxed and trouble-free outlook.
  • Power Nap Shot – The Power Nap Shot uses special ‘brainwave sounds’ to replicate this mini-sleep pattern inside an audio recording. As you listen you’ll enjoy a quick and invigorating power nap that will leave you well rested and refreshed.
  • Sleep Shot – The Sleep Shot will help to guide you into deep sleep, safely and gently. You’ll enjoy profound relaxation and hours of slumber and rejuvenate your body and mind with as much sleep as required
  • Chakra Shot – Your brainwaves form a special relaxed pattern when your energy centers are in perfect alignment. This pattern occurs when your physical and spiritual chakras are open and fluid. Listening to the Chakra Shot will help infuse a sense of peace and stability and replenish your own vital life force.


  • Happiness Shot – The Happiness Shot can help boost your mood by lifting your spirits and filling you with hope, positivity and gratitude.
  • Motivation Shot – If you’re lacking in motivation, you might want to opt for this shot. You’ll feel incentivized and uber-motivated and regain your drive, passion and excitement.
  • Euphoria Shot – This shot will help guide you to a euphoric state with audio that will make you feel uplifted and inspired. According to the BrainwaveShot website, the result will be an experience of jubilation and real contentment.
  • Chilled Shot – The Chilled Shot will help you mellow out and get into a truly relaxed state.
  • Spiritual Shot – This shot will help you tune into your spiritual side, tap into your true self and inner being and reconnect with the meaning of existence.


  • Morning Caffeine Shot – If you struggle in the mornings (and who doesn’t?) you may want to give this shot a try. Replenish your energy levels fast and feel awake and alive, ready to conquer the world when you listen to this audio.
  • Alert Shot – The Alert Shot will help you enjoy maximum alertness and awareness, feel fully present and totally clued-in and be ready for any situation.
  • Performance Shot – Whatever performance you’re dreading – an interview, on the stage or on the field – can be boosted with BrainwaveShot’s Performance Shot.
  • Gym Shot – This shot aims to add energy and motivation to your exercise regime and remain focused during your entire practice session.
  • Energize Shot – The energize shot works to completely recharge your body’s energy levels
    until you feel fired up and are bursting with enthusiasm.


  • Healing Shot – The Healing Shot will help you rejuvenate and recover your optimum levels of health by eliminating any imbalances in your body so you can start feeling strong and vigorous again.
  • Tension Release Shot – The Tension Release Shot will help you let go of tension, and ease the pressure on your body and mind. You’ll have the ability to stamp out stress, tension and worries, release bodily aches and pains and replenish your energy levels and zest for life.
  • Immune Shot – This shot will help you resist infection and avoid illness by boosting your immune system quickly and naturally so you can enjoy a healthier and happier life.
  • Pain Relief Shot – The purpose of this shot is to help you heal the hurt so you can get back to feeling normal again. You’ll have the new ability to dissolve pain, aches, tension and soothe strains and muscle agony naturally so you can feel happier and able to get on with your life.
  • Jet Lag Shot – This Jet Lag session will help you restore your body clock in just minutes. You’ll quickly feel less tired throughout the day
    and can get back into your daily routine ASAP.


  • Inner Peace Shot – The Inner Peace Shot will help you rediscover your sense of true self, alongside a state of bliss and inner satisfaction.
  • Alpha Shot – This shot will help you enjoy the alpha state in just minutes. This means you will have the ability to quiet your mind and enjoy creativity and inspiration and re-establish your mind-body connection.
  • Schumann Shot – The Schumann resonance is the name given to the resonant frequency of the earth’s atmosphere. It was discovered by German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, and stands at a steady 7.83Hz. This frequency is widely reputed to induce grounding and centering states. After listening to this shot you’ll feel refreshed and reinvigorated.
  • Theta Shot – Being in a ‘theta’ state s typically associated with deep meditation, creativity, and the ability to access your subconscious mind. After listening, you will enjoy rapid, deep meditation, unleash your latent creativity
    and feel refreshed, renewed, and reinvigorated.
  • Delta Shot – A delta state is one that allows you to experience deep sleep, healing, and recovery.
    After this shot you’ll feel well-rested and rejuvenated.


  • Confidence Shot – The Confidence Shot will help you regain your self-belief and determination. This shot will help you stay positive and focused on your goals so you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Party Shot – The Party Shot will help keep you sociable, energetic, and in the party mood, all night long.
  • Sex Shot – This shot will help you switch on your greatest sexual urges naturally. It will boost your libido and energy levels so you can feel sexy and ready for a passionate evening.
  • Love Shot – The Love Shot will help you unlock your loving side, and feel more warm hearted and sympathetic. After listening, your loving feelings will increase and allow you to become more caring, nurturing and feel happier and more receptive to others.
  • Success Shot – This shot will will help you triumph at whatever you choose to tackle. You will feel positive, enthused, and able to overcome obstacles. The Success Shot will create the ideal conditions for ultimate success so you can enjoy an infusion of energy to help blitz your goals.

Program Length

Each individual shot has a length of around 15 minutes but there are 30 minute upgrades available for a higher intensity experience.

Does it Work?

According to a study completed in 2018, authors found that “preliminary evidence suggested that brainwave entrainment was an effective therapeutic tool, but further research was required.”

So what does that mean?  

In short, while there isn’t necessarily hard scientific evidence to prove the validity of brainwave entrainment, there has been feedback to suggest that certain sounds and stimuli can affect the mood or emotions of a willing participant.

Money Back Guarantee – If you’re not pleased with your BrainwaveShots experience you can contact the company within one year of purchase to receive a full refund.

In conclusion,

BrainwaveShots can be a great way to calm and relax your mind, though it may have varying effects from person to person. If you do decide to try out these audios, make sure to:

  • Space out your listening to avoid becoming desensitized (unless you’re using one of the loop audios that is meant to be played continuously.)
  • Try to have an open and accepting mind when using this product. It is less likely to work if you go into the process thinking it won’t be successful.

If you’re unsure where to start, decide which state of mind you’re most interested in working on. For example, if you’re feeling stressed, one of the relaxation shots might be the best place to start.


  • There are no side effects.
    Even if certain audio sounds don’t work for you, you won’t feel any pain or experience any harm from listening. (However, as mentioned above, those with epilepsy should consult a doctor prior to using this product.)
  • Long-lasting results.
    BrainwaveShots guarantees the effects of their products will last a minimum of 4 hours if not longer. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of the sounds for the duration of events, social outings, tests or otherwise
  • Easily-accessible.
    These audio sounds can be downloaded right onto your smartphone or tablet, can be burned onto a CD or be played on any stereo or other listening device


  • It won’t have the same effect on everyone.
    All of our brains are different and some stimuli have a more substantial effect than others. In fact, certain sounds might actually be emotionally uncomfortable for some or make certain individuals uneasy rather than provide a relaxing experience
  • You can become immune to the effects.
    There’s a reason companies suggest using their brainwave entrainment once a day. Overusing the audio can actually allow your brain to adapt to its effect, rendering it unimpressionable. Therefore it’s important to space out your use of any brainwave entrainment products
  • More research needed.
    While research has shown that brainwave entrainment can provide results to users, there is additional research needed to prove it’s true validity

Brainwave Shots Price

The entire BrainwaveShots library can be downloaded for $177 or your can purchase each shot separately for $17.95.


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