5 Lessons On Life From Warren Buffett

[quick_offer id=821] Warren Buffet has made a fortune as an investor, but it is not just the money that he has that defines him. He has an outlook on life that we can all learn from, even if we aren’t

Lucid Dreaming Basics: What You Need to Know

What is Lucid Dreaming? One definition of lucid dreaming, according to Gackenbach and LaBerge, is “the rare but robust awareness that we are dreaming and that we are not really awake.”  In a lucid dream we are in a somewhat

The Science Behind Astral Projection (Out of Body Experience)

[quick_offer id=821] Astral projection, also known as an out-of-body experience, is when a person has the feeling of departing from their physical body in order to observe their world in a different realm. When the “astral body” or “soul” separates

Can Negative Emotions Cause Disease, Illness and Pain? YES

[quick_offer id=821] Though there is much to be said for having a positive outlook on life, negative emotions are an undeniable aspect of being human. As a matter of fact, according to psychologists, such as Jonathan Adler, our experience and

Low Self-Esteem is the Root of ALL Your Problems

[quick_offer id=809] If you want to get rid of all of the problems in your life, then there is one thing that you need to fix: your low self-esteem. Many people may not recognize that their self-esteem is creating problems

Mind Healing the Body: Amazing Placebo Effect on Your Brain

[quick_offer id=825] The scientific community, the medical establishment, has been proving for over 50 years that the mind can heal the body.  We call it the placebo effect! – Lissa Rankin, MD/Author, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself

Is It Possible to Reprogram DNA for Better Health?

[quick_offer id=807] Your DNA has a direct impact on the way cells develop, and researchers have been looking for a way to regulate the activity of genes in order to impact health and wellness. Researchers in Sydney have discovered that

7 Effective Techniques for Experiencing an Out of Body Experience

[quick_offer id=823] An out of the body experience, sometimes also called astral projection, is an occurrence whereby a person’s consciousness is experienced fully outside of his or her body. Sometimes people experience it as the momentary awareness of floating above

Research Mapping Human Emotions Shows Strong Mind Body Connection

[quick_offer id=831] Mind-body interconnectivity is nothing new to the ancients or to the spiritual traditions of the East, such as Yoga.  Carl Jung noticed the mind-body connection when he developed the association experiment, a system which measures both a person’s

Third Eye Science, Metaphysical and Spiritual Views

[quick_offer id=829] The third eye, an ancient mystical, metaphysical concept has finally opened itself to understanding in the minds of Western science.  When you consider what science has discovered about the pineal gland and add that to what the mystics