CenterPointe Holosync Meditation Technology Review

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by the number of stresses in your life, you know what it’s like to feel like you can’t handle one more ounce of bad news. It can be impossible to sustain your current level of functionality, much less improve it, when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. The HoloSync Solution offered on is a unique tool which leads to self improvement by enhancing brain power and relieving stress.


How Does It Work?

The HoloSync Solution offers specially mastered audio track that creates changes in the structure of your nervous system. It gradually gives the nervous system more input than it can handle the way it’s currently structured, which pushes the nervous system to grow stronger in a manner similar to how physical exercise pushes your muscles to strengthen and improve.

By giving the nervous system more input in this manner, the HoloSync Solution creates new neural pathways and increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This pushes your emotional threshold higher so that you’re better able to handle things life throws at you.

The HoloSync Solution uses knowledge of how the four types of brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, and delta) work to its advantage, changing your brain wave pattern to increase creativity and brain power and relieve stress. Its audio files, which are embedded beneath the soothing sound of rain, slow your brain waves from beta to alpha, from alpha to theta, and from theta to delta.

You start off by listening to the Awakening Prologue with stereo headphones. The Awakening Prologue stimulates your brain to create new neural pathways connecting the left and right hemispheres of your brain. After you work your way through the Awakening Prologue you move on to each successive Awakening track. Beginning in Awakening 1, you can customize soundtracks with the addition of silent affirmations recorded in your voice to add messages directly into your unconscious mind. These silent affirmations use Autofonix, a method for communicating with the profoundly deaf, rather than traditional masked subliminal messages, for enhanced effect.

What’s Included offers several levels of HoloSync technology, starting with the Awakening Prologue. Each level of HoloSync includes several audio files to help you achieve deepening levels of meditation, unlimited coaching from support coaches, bi-weekly follow-up support letters, and a special research report. Beginning with Awakening I, consecutive levels of HoloSync also include Autofonix silent affirmations recorded in your own voice to further enhance the benefits you receive.

Who Is It For?

HoloSync is ideal for people who want to increase their emotional threshold and brain power and decrease their stress levels. Its scientifically-proven formula releases hormones in the brain which have many positive benefits, including slowing aging and reduces its effects.


HoloSync allows users to achieve deep meditation, reduce stress, and boost mental powers. It stimulates the production of endorphins, cortisol, and DHEA. These hormones lead to increased feelings of happiness and well-being and decreased effects of aging. HoloSync also helps users eliminate dysfunctional feelings such as anger and sadness, as well as the problems created from these dysfunctional feelings. Instead, users can find happiness and inner peace.

Program Length

Each level of HoloSync takes 4-6 months to complete. There are thirteen levels total, starting with the Awakening Prologue and then continuing from Awakening 1 – Awakening 12. This gives you a total of about six and a half years of benefit if you work your way through the entire set of programming.

Effectiveness’s technology is extremely effective. It has been featured by reputable news sources, including Fox News, ABC News, the Boston Globe, CBS News, NBC News, and Forbes. They each featured the product because it truly works and offers a one-of-a kind value.


  • Autofonix rather than subliminal messaging
  • Continual ability to grow with the program, up to 13 levels of meditation
  • Series of bi-weekly follow-up support levels
  • Don’t already have to know how to meditate to use it


  • Recommends you listen a minimum of half an hour each day and eventually progress to an hour each day, which may be a large time commitment for some
  • Must use headphones to gain effects of HoloSync
  • Each section of the HoloSync program must be purchased individually

HoloSync Price

If you want both CDs and MP3 versions of the Awakening Prologue, the cost is $259. You also have the option of purchasing just the MP3 versions of the meditations for $239. offers payment plans for those who want to be able to work towards that large payment over time. They also offer a one year money-back guarantee. 

Unfortunately, prices of the higher levels of HoloSync are not readily available on the website until after you purchase the Awakening Prologue.