The Chakra7 Healing Review – Heal Your Energetic Ecosystem for a Better Life

Did you know that just like the world around you, your body has its own ecosystem made up of individual energies?  And just how a drought can affect the growth of plants on the Earth, a drain in one of your energy systems can throw your whole body out of order.  To prevent this, you need to unblock, optimize and heal your energy centers, known as the seven Chakras.

Chakra healing gives you a natural way to effectively heal your spirit and soul so that they are operating in harmony with one another.  When all of your energies are aligned and focused, you become more successful, happy, wealthy & lucky.  Whether in love or overall, you become your best possible self.  The Chakra7 Healing System gives you all of the tools you need to accomplish just that.

How it Works

Chakra7 is a comprehensive home training program that teaches you the techniques and gives you the tools you need to balance all seven of your Chakras.  Unlike other programs that balance your Chakras, Chakra7 is unique in that it is so powerful, it overcomes any barriers you might have to change.

  • The Structured Training Curriculum.  Consisting of seven distinct curriculum sections (one per Chakra), you will learn the role of each Chakra and learn to master each at your own speed. Step by step instructions guide you the entire way through, showing you your progress along the way.
  • Experiential Training.  Conscious and subconscious teaching with hands-on exercises that store in your brain for future recall.  Put your spirit and energy healing on autopilot with these amazing training techniques.
  • Variety of Learning Modules.  Learn however you learn best with Chakra7.  The program provides a wide selection of modalities including yoga, meditation, EFT, reading, videos, training manuals, etc. This means Chakra7 is completely personalized.
  • Pragmatic Daily Tools and Techniques.  No matter how busy your schedule is, Chakra7 shows you how to get the best results without eating into your routine.  Your Chakra healing doesn’t have to interfere with your life, only make it better.


The practice of balancing and healing your Chakras is a long-standing art form practiced in the East.  Meditation, calm, serenity and success has been a hallmark of Eastern monks and spiritualists for centuries, but now you can participate as well, thanks to Chakra7—and you don’t even have to live in a monastery or quit watching television!


There are seven modalities in Chakra7, one for each of the Chakras.  They are:

  1. Meditation.  Enter an alternate state of mind to relax as you obtain clarity, focus and intuition.  Unblock your Chakras from the subconscious level through meditation and your struggle will evaporate.
  2. Visualization.  Visualize premeditated scenarios and outcomes so that you can infuse the outcome with your emotions.  This technique will help you overcome even the most insurmountable odds, tasks and achieve your wildest dreams.
  3. RET.  Rapid Eye Technology eliminates emotional stress by duplicating REM sleep. Eliminates the fears, stress, anxiety and negative emotions that are trapped in the subconscious blocking your Chakras.
  4. EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques banish the unresolved traumatic experiences and memories in your life using alternative psychotherapy treatments.  This helps you get past the betrayal, abuse and pain that is blocking your Chakras and keeping you chained to your past.
  5. Reframing.  Change your perception about events, memories and people to reap the benefits from them instead of the negative impact.  Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and emotional healing.
  6. Breathing.  Focuses on techniques used in meditation and yoga to improve your general health and focus.  Attain your higher self by unblocking Chakras.
  7. Affirmations.  These are daily positive chants and statements that will change your life.  Eliminate resistance from within and become healthy, successful and happy.

What’s Included

In addition to all of the above, you also get a workbook with complete transcripts as well as a Bonus Video covering:

  • Chakra Threading Exercise
  • Cross Crawl Exercise
  • The Energy Cleanser Exercise
  • Creating a Powerful Life Transformation
  • Loving Your True
  • Three Thumps Technique
  • Self Technique

Chakra 7 Price

This kind of information is typically learned at a retreat or seminar where you pay $3,000 and up, but Chakra7 gives you lifetime access to the materials and teachings for just $199 for the digital version.  If you want the physical materials as well, it is $249 (with access to the digital version also).


Chakra 7