The Creative Visions Review – Time-Tested Methods for a Better You

In 1979, Shakti Gawain revolutionized the way that people everywhere achieved success with her book, Creative Visualizations.  Now, after more than six million copies have been sold worldwide, there is finally a comprehensive program that allows people to create their own reality using the principles first put forward in the book, now manifested in Creative Visions.


How it Works

The concept behind the Creative Visions sticks true to the narrative of Shakti’s original work.  Creative Visions gives you the power to achieve your wildest dreams, reach for the stars and grab them.  Through visualization exercises, you can envision scenarios, dictate the outcomes, attach emotions to these goals and then see them come to life as you act out your visualization in real life.

Lisa Nichols has put together Creative Visions in the following way:

  • Simply download the digital program and get instant access to 12 audio files
  • Part one goes over the basics of creative visualization
  • Part two speaks about using creative visualization
  • Part three teaches the meditations and affirmations you need to achieve your goals
  • Part four offers special techniques unattainable anywhere else
  • Part five teaches all about living creatively
  • As you listen to the Creative Vision programs, you can also utilize the Science of Creative Visualization, a two-part course by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of MindValley 


To understand the effectiveness of Creative Visions, one only needs to look at how Creative Visualization has performed:

  • Self-published by Shakti Gawain in 1979
  • Initial run of two thousand copies
  • No distributor, no budget for advertising
  • Bookstores sold out immediately
  • Repeat buyers as readers bought multiple copies as gifts
  • Currently, three million copies have been sold in English, three million in other languages

What’s Included

There are twelve audio sessions in Creative Visions, separated into four categories:


  • Creative Visualization for Getting in Tune with Your Purpose
  • Creative Visualization for Manifesting
  • Creative Visualization for Inner Peace


  • Creative Visualization for Healing
  • Creative Visualization for a Strong Heart
  • Creative Visualization for Opening Up Your Energy Flow


  • Creative Visualization for Deep Confidence
  • Creative Visualization for Fulfilling Relationships
  • Creative Visualization for Handling Conflict in Family


  • Creative Visualization for Creating Abundance in Your Life
  • Creative Visualization for Fulfilling Relationships
  • Creative Visualization for Handling Conflict in Family


  • Improve any area of your life, Creative Visions is all-encompassing
  • Almost all audio sessions are less than 20 minutes long, meaning they are perfect for a hectic schedule
  • Simply listen to the programs and follow the instructions and your subconscious self will change, allowing you to be open to success
  • You will be happier, feel more creative, confident and empowered, and overall, be the best you that you can be
  • Listen to the audios that address your specific problems whenever you want—Creative Visions is completely personalized


  • You have to put the work in to translate your problems into the program, then envision your outcome and goal
  • There is no class—you do the program on your own

Creative Visualizations Price

Right now, Creative Visions is offering 30% off of the price of each individual track.  The standard price is $359.40, or $29.95 per track, but right now, you can get $110 off of that price, meaning you only pay $249.  That means you can get four of the 12 powerful Creative Visions audio tracks completely free of charge.



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