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When you think of hypnosis do you imagine a little watch dangling in the face of a cartoon, their eyes slowly becoming black and white while turning in circles?

For many, hypnosis is a magical, unattainable state – only possible in the movies or on tv. However, hypnosis has been studied and researched for years and it’s benefits are hard to argue with.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis involves entering a state of high suggestibility and deep relaxation, allowing you to focus in on your goals and aspirations. 

“This state is characterized by a degree of increased receptiveness and responsiveness in which inner experiential perceptions are given as much significance as is generally given only to external reality.” –

 The concept of hypnosis has been around for quite some time, even as far back as the 18th century.

One of the first mentions of hypnosis occurred in the mid 1700’s as Franz Mesmer, a German physician, used hypnosis in the treatment of patients in Vienna and Paris.

While this early study was proven wrong (as Mesmer believe there was an occult force that flowed from hypnotist to subject) the concept continued to be studied and researched for years.

In fact, it wasn’t until the mid-19th century James Braid, an English physician, coined the phrase “hypnosis” and the phenomenon took off.

How does hypnosis work?

There are a few variations of hypnosis but most involve a hypnotist willing a subject into a calm, quiet state.

The subject is instructed to fix his or her gaze on a chosen object as the hypnotist begins to quietly suggest the following: that the subject is getting tired, that they are becoming more relaxed and that the subject should go ahead and close their eyes.

The subject will show signs that the hypnosis is working such as slumped shoulders and deep breathing. At this point the hypnotist will begin the suggestions.

These generally begin as simple suggestions that will be easily accepted by the subject – so small that neither the hypnotist or subject may truly be able to tell if it’s hypnosis or cooperation.

Then, gradually, suggestions are given that demand increasing distortion of the individual’s perception or memory – such as, “It’s becoming very difficult to open your eyes.”

The length of time that hypnosis takes depends on both the subject and the goal of hypnosis. Some forms of hypnosis may take more than one session (this is especially true for those wishing to break habits or addictions.)

Hypnosis grants the subject the ability to become more receptive to suggestion, which can induce a remarkably wide range of psychological, sensory, and motor responses.

So if, for example, your goal is to quit smoking you can do so under hypnosis.

Hypnosis will allow your mind to relax and receive the constant and deliberate suggestions given to you be the hypnotist.

Under hypnosis the mere suggestion, “You don’t want to smoke. You don’t like to smoke,” can be used to convince the mind that these statements are true.

There are a variety of products on the market to help promote health and wellbeing through hypnosis. One such product is Ehypnosis.

What is eHypnosis?

Ehypnosis is a hub for downloadable self hypnosis audios.

While most hypnosis usually includes an instructor to guide you into hypnosis, these audio files are designed to help you get into a state of hypnosis on your own.

Entering a state of hypnosis can allow you to break bad habits, improve certain areas of your life or rid yourself of addiction.

The hypnosis programs on Ehypnosis are designed as audio files that can be listened to at anywhere, at any time and as many times as needed.

Designed and created by a renowned hypnotherapist, these downloads are stepping stones for those wishing to turn their lives around.

Who is it For

While there are some who believe that they simply cannot be hypnotized, this is not true. Hypnosis can work for anyone if they let it.

Like most mind-relaxing exercises, hypnosis requires a desire for change and a positive outlook on the process.

Here is what Ehypnosis says on their website:

“The more open-minded and less defensive you are, the better results you can expect to achieve.”

According to a study conducted by Stanford showed that an estimate 95% of people can be easily hypnotized.

Therefore it’s important to approach hypnosis with an open-mind and truly believe that hypnosis will work for you.

Subjects who are tense or nervous are less likely to successfully enter into a hypnotic state.

In order to feel more relaxed, pick a space to listen to these audio files that makes you feel safe and secure. You’re more likely to relax if you are in a familiar place that brings you peace and joy.

What’s Included?

The individual programs are sorted under the following categories:

Health & Well-being

Self-hypnosis offers a safe, straightforward and powerfully effective way of addressing the roadblocks that stand between you and better health. Influencing everything from your ingrained negative habits to your anxiety levels, commitment to fitness programs and responses to certain medical procedures, hypnotherapy can help you finally embrace the amazing changes you’ve always wanted to make.

A few downloads under the health and well-being category include: Stress and Anxiety Relief, Boost Your Energy, Anger Management, Attract Love and more.

Personal Development

Many people think of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis primarily as a tool for combating bad habits like smoking or overeating. However, it can also promote personal growth more generally. For example, perhaps you want to enhance some of your skills or want to target specific areas of insecurity. Here are the key facts you need to know. 

A few downloads under the personal development category include: Sales Success, Get Organized, Create Abundance, Increase Motivation and more.

Mental Skills

No matter how happy you might be with your life, there’s always room for improvement – especially when it comes to cognitive skills. Perhaps you wish you could tap into your creativity more easily, wish you could focus on your work for longer or have always wanted a better memory. Here’s how hypnotherapy can help you.

A few downloads under the mental skills category include: Learn to Relax, Quit Smoking, Improve Sleep and more.

Love and Relationships

Hypnotherapy sessions and self-hypnosis recordings are certainly useful for the classic goals – losing weight, quitting smoking and overcoming phobias, for example. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that hypnosis isn’t equally helpful for issues in your personal life. In particular, you can use self-hypnosis techniques to improve existing relationships and develop new ones.

A few downloads under the love and relationships category include: Attract Love, Get Over a Breakup, Move on From a Bad Relationship, Develop Your Charisma and more.


The latest science shows that positive thinking has a discernible impact on the body, potentially impacting everything from cardiovascular health to immune system function. Psychologically, positive thinking is also correlated with increased social connection, meeting goals and developing emotional resilience. Here’s how hypnotherapy can help you develop a new, powerfully positive way of viewing the world.

A few downloads under the mindset category include: Living in the Present, Sales Success, Get Organized, Overcome Depression and more.


Success means something different to everyone – for you, maybe it’s all about how you do in your career, or perhaps it’s more about finding a loving relationship or enjoying financial abundance. No matter how you define success, targeted hypnotherapy programs can be a gateway to enhancing your ability to achieve the kind of life you desire. 

A few downloads under the success category include: Build Confidence, Unlimited Wealth, Achieve Your Resolutions, Find Your Dream Job and more.


As you probably know, hypnotherapy can be a major asset if you’re struggling to get over a phobia. Most people have experienced irrational fears of some sort, but when those fears start to restrict and control your life it becomes important to seek out effective, lasting solutions. Here are the basic facts about using hypnotherapy to treat phobias.

A few downloads under the phobias category include: Overcome Dental Phobia, Overcome Fear of Dogs, Overcome Fear of Rejection and more.

Emotional Health

Emotional health plays a huge role in overall well-being, but there are many things that can erode it over time. From stress and heartbreak to sleep problems and substance abuse, it can be hard to tackle the root causes of emotional distress. While traditional therapy can help, so can hypnosis – here are the key facts you need to know.

A few downloads under the phobias category include: Stress and Anxiety Relief, Improve Your Self Esteem, Overcome Claustrophobia, Stop Binge Eating and more.

What do I get with my purchase?

There are three tiers of purchase available for each hypnosis product.

Standard: The standard download includes:

  • 30 Minute MP3 Session
  • Deep Hypnotic Induction

Advanced: The advanced download includes:

  • 60 Minute MP3 Session
  • Deeper Hypnotic Induction
    + Binaural Tones
    + Stereo Imaging
    + Future Pacing
    + Analog Marking 

Complete: The complete download includes:

  • Standard MP3 Session
  • Advanced MP3 Session
    + Bonus: Daytime Affirmation Version

In conclusion,

Hypnosis is a great alternative to medications or other forms of therapy and can help you find success in your goals and aspirations.

And Ehypnosis is perfect for those looking for a cost-effective way to achieve self hypnosis in the comfort of your own home.

For maximum success, remember to try and implement the following:

  • Listen to the hypnosis audios in a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable.
  • Approach the idea of hypnosis with an open mind and avoid any skeptical thoughts.
  • Never listen to hypnosis audios while driving or performing other tasks that require your full attention and focus.


  • No hypnotist required. All you need for these hypnosis programs are the audio files and an open-mind. These downloads are designed to promote self-hypnosis in order to bring you into a more relaxed, calm state
  • Can be listened as many times as necessary. These audio files can be played as many times as you wish, which is especially helpful for the ones dealing with addiction or bad habits. Repetition of hypnosis can help improve your chances of success
  • Non-Invasive. Hypnosis is a non-invasive type of therapy. If you smoke, hypnosis can help you quit without the use of patches. If you have anxiety, hypnosis can help calm you down without the use of medication, and so on


  • Won’t work without an open mind. Skeptics beware – it’s important to have an open mind when approaching the process of hypnosis. Being fearful, nervous or negative can prevent you from entering a hypnotic state and therefore prevent you from achieving your goals
  • Not suitable for those with certain psychological disorders. Those who suffer from hallucinations, delicious, sleep paralysis or other disorders may not be suitable for hypnosis (as the majority of the process involved the manipulation and suggestibility of the mind.)
  • May cause dizziness. For a few, headaches and dizziness follow hypnosis (but it is generally mild and usually short-term.)

Money-Back Guarantee – Below is the information concerning refunds on 

Try out this hypnosis absolutely risk-free, we realize that not all work equally well for everybody, so if you find this doesn’t do what you wanted, simply let us know within 14 days and we will refund you in full, no questions asked. –

eHypnosis Price

Standard: The standard download can be purchased for $16.95

Advanced: The advanced download can be purchased for $21.95 

Complete: The complete download can be purchased for $26.95

The site also has an “Offer of the Day” which is one of the programs offered at a discounted rate of $9.95.


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