Does Your Ex Deserve Another Chance

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What To Do When Your Wants Another Chance

When it comes to relationships, mutual breakups are a rare occurrence. Most often, the split is one-sided. No matter who wanted out of the relationship and ended it, there will come a time wherein your ex or yourself might want to give the relationship another shot.

On Giving An Ex A Second Chance

For those who find themselves wanting to rekindle an old flame, a bit of soul-searching might be in order before getting back together. When contemplating a reunion with a former sweetheart, consider the following points first before actually taking the plunge anew.

  • You can do better – People sometimes opt to be with a person because I beats being alone, even when there’s plenty of other fish (even better) in the sea. Never settle for somebody you’re not compatible with, and simply move on. Would you still be interested in your ex if you knew there was someone else out there for you?
  • Recall why the breakup happened – There’s a reason things didn’t work out. Call to mind what it was. If the problem back then wasn’t clear to you, you’ll likely be ill-equipped to gauge the chances of success of the relationship this time around. Think back on how your old relationship was.
  • Any changes since the breakup? – If the answer is “none,” then you’re probably looking at a similar outcome. After all, you’re only capable of change at your end of things.

Now it’s time to decide what to do. For those who feel they should give the relationship another chance, consider taking certain steps. Take note of the following when attempting to get your former love back:

  • Don’t look desperate or beg – Nobody likes desperation. It likewise sets the wrong precedent. A better option would be to exercise patience and let nature take its course. There’s a greater chance of success when both parties are willing to compromise and meet halfway.
  • Show, more than tell – Actions speak louder than words. Instead of just talking about how much you have changed and grown, show it. You can only fake it for so long. Example: You’re thinking of becoming nicer to your ex’s pals this time. Stop saying it. Go hang out with them already.
  • Inject some romance – Sincere gestures go far toward healing old wounds and restoring romantic sentiments. Penning a heartfelt letter is one way to start.
  • Try out something new – It could be a different activity or exploring new locations. Being somewhere new causes the other person to look at you in a new light. The good stays while the bad go.
  • Quit playing games – You can’t get one past your ex. They’re likely to see through the games and schemes. It’s best to be straight up about everything.
  • Apologize when the situation demands it – Knowing that the other party deserves a “sorry” isn’t rocket science. Man up to your faults and say sorry. Your relationship will be stronger for it.
  • Past is past – Let go of the old relationship. It’s the only way to forge new bonds. Holding on to the past’s negativity prevents you from moving forward.
  • Recall the good times – Shared pasts are hard to forget. Mention pleasant memories from the old relationship. The good times will cause both of you to remember why you got together in the first place.

Deciding whether or not you want to give your ex a second chance is a huge deal.  Reuniting with an old flame can be a real challenge, but then again, it can also be a good idea. The key is to do whatever is in the best interests of everybody involved. Some relationships are worth another go, while others are better left in Splitsville. See to it that you’ve got a plan and move forward with caution.

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