Finding Your Life Purpose Review

Finding Your Life Purpose is a digital self-development course designed by famous spiritual teachers, Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue. Featured under the publication house, Hay House, Finding Your Life Purpose was created to help individuals discover their life purpose by creating a game plan to fulfill it. With a wealth of resources and techniques, customers will finish this course feeling a heightened sense of motivation and optimism, knowing their life purpose is achievable.

Many people are living their life without any specific purpose. In fact, many of these people tend to live their entire life missing their call and end up living a life of regret. This is where Finding Your Life Purpose from Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue can help.

What’s Included

Finding Your Life Purpose  comes with a wealth of resources and bonuses that are designed to help someone discover their purpose on Earth. The entire course is structured as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Finding Your True Calling and Passion

The first lesson of Finding Your Life Purpose serves as an introduction to the entire course. Here, you will learn about the mission and goal of the course, alongside numerous familiar questions that will guide you along this journey.

  • Lesson 2: Life-Purpose Reading

The second lesson is dedicated to teaching you how to give yourself a life-purpose reading based upon your chakras and aura colors. Here, you will learn a wealth about spiritual concept that can help in finding purpose.

  • Lesson 3: Aligning Your Life with Your Life Purpose

Sometimes people believe their life purpose is not in alignment with their current circumstances. This lesson serves to help individuals realize how they can change their life to match their life purpose.

  • Lesson 4: Your Life Purpose as Your Career

The last part of the Finding Your Life Purpose digital course is teaching each people how they can make a living with their life purpose. This will entail learning how to form a business and how to see past the ego and potential threats to your life purpose.

  • Bonuses and Extras
    • Progression Meditation to Discover Your Life Purpose

This is a bonus feature that comes with the purchase of the Finding Your Life Purpose Course. This is a meditation lead by Doreen to help you discover your life purpose through a progressive guided meditation.

  • Meditation for Deservingness and Confidence-Building

This meditation serves to help remove and release any negative energies that will prevent you from living and breathing your life purpose. Through completing this meditation, you will feel a heightened sense of worth and confidence in yourself.

  • Signs from Above

This is a bonus book that comes with the purchase of the course. In Signs from Above, Doreen and Charles discuss the importance of signs in your everyday life from angels above.

  • Manifesting with the Angels

This is a 30-minute-long progression meditation on audio, similar to that of the first bonus. Here, you will learn how to manifest and create with angels and prevent any blockages.

  • Manifesting with Archangel Nathanie

Doreen and Charles have discussed a new energy that has come to them, Archangel Nathanie. This product is a one and a half hour long seminar where you will learn about Nathanie and how to channel the power of such archangels when manifesting your desires.

  • Webinar 1 + 2

These are two in-course webinars that come with the purchase that match the material covered in the lessons above.

Who Is It For?

The Finding Your Life Purpose course is the perfect self-development program for anyone that is having difficulty finding fulfillment in their everyday life and looking to discover their true purpose.

Program Length

Finding Your Life Purpose is designed to be taken at your own leisure. With that being said, the entire course could be completed in one day. In total, it is recommended that a week or two should suffice to absorb the wealth of information presented.


Finding Your Life Purpose is a comprehensive course for helping individuals discover their true purpose. The course is comprised of four simple lessons but packed with some of the best advice and information ever provided. It has been said that this product is Doreen and Charles’ best product yet!

Overall Feedback

If you are struggling to find your life purpose, there is no need to panic. The entire Finding Your Life Purpose course, including its bonuses, are all purposefully designed to help you. With numerous lessons, techniques, exercises, and meditations, anyone who purchases this course will significantly benefit from every minute spent.

The question then becomes, how much longer are you willing to wait before discovering your life purpose?


  • This is a digital product, meaning the course will be available upon purchase.
  • The product is featured on Hay House, the largest platform for self-development and spirituality in the world, giving more claim to the quality of the product.
  • Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue are famous figures in the self-help field.
  • The program comes with a wealth of beneficial and high-quality bonuses that are otherwise unavailable.


  • There are no guaranteed results with this product, meaning  results may vary.

Finding Your Life Purpose Price

The Finding Your Life Purpose digital self-development course is currently available for $199.00.


Finding Your Life Purpose