Hypnosis Bootcamp Review

What if you could lose weight without starving yourself? Increase your wealth, your confidence, or your brain power? For many of us, these goals are high on our priority list but are difficult to achieve. Years of bad habits create mental roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving your goals and are nearly impossible to overcome.

Hypnosis Bootcamp’s aim is to break down these mental roadblocks. It takes several typically long-term goals within your reach in just one week. By listening to their downloadable MP3s for 30 minutes daily for a week, you can take control of some of the most difficult challenges in your life.

How It Works

Unlike the depictions media would have you believe, hypnosis does not work by controlling the minds of the weak. What it does do is help you enter a state of deep meditative relaxation which you can use to allow yourself to listen to suggestions without the hindrance of your usual mental barriers.

Hypnosis bootcamp is unique in that its downloadable MP3s combine the power of hypnosis with the power of neuro-linguistic processing. This means that as you allow yourself to lower your barriers for hypnosis, you also prepare your brain to build new neural pathways which can give your brain an avenue to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and mental blockades.

What’s Included

Each bootcamp includes:

  • A quick-start video
  • 7 30-minute hypnosis sessions
  • A lifetime support
  • 100% money-back guarantee

If you order the complete package of all 5 bootcamps, you also receive:

  • Brain Hacker Audio Library
  • 4-Week Mindfulness Meditation Audio Course
  • $100 discount

Who Is It For?

Hypnosis Bootcamp offers five distinct bootcamps to its users:

  1. The Wealth Bootcamp, which will help you boost your earning potential.
  2. The Weight Loss Bootcamp, which will help you eliminate unwanted fat.
  3. The Brain Power Bootcamp, which will help you unlock your fullest mental potential, heighten creativity, and supercharge your memory.
  4. The Law of Attraction Bootcamp, which can teach you how to attract wealth, love, and health
  5. The Confidence Bootcamp, which will make your more charismatic and self-assured and increase your social ease.

If any of these are areas in your personal life that you’ve been meaning to work on, or that you have worked on with limited or no success, Hypnosis Bootcamp is the program for you!


There are numerous benefits to using Hypnosis Bootcamp. They include losing inches from your body without effort, increasing spiritual health, and bettering your understanding of your goals so that you can gain confidence. You may even be able to prosper financially by using Hypnosis Bootcamp.

Primary Areas Worked

Hypnosis Bootcamp works on four primary areas:
Weight Loss
Brain Power
The law of attraction bootcamp seems to work on all of these areas in tandem while also adding the benefit of spirituality to the mix.

Program Length

Each program offered on Hypnosis Bootcamp lasts seven days. Thirty minutes each day for a week is all that’s needed to complete a bootcamp and reap its benefits.


Empirical evidence shows that hypnosis works. It’s been used for years to control pain, reduce stress, and increase positive energy. It’s use for things like weight loss is less certain, but studies so far show that hypnosis is more effective than trying to change habits without hypnosis. The reviews on the website indicate that the program is highly effective for changing habits in a short amount of time.


  • One of the major benefits of Hypnosis Bootcamp is how effortless it is to achieve results. 30 dedicated minutes per day for one week is all it takes for the bootcamps to be effective. This means that in under two months you could achieve results from all five bootcamps! 30 minutes per day isn’t a lot of time to set aside, and no other effort is needed on your part to achieve results. Also, because the sessions can be downloaded, multiple people in the same household can use the bootcamps to achieve results.


  • The price may be prohibitive for some users. Additionally, there are only five bootcamps available. If you have a goal other than one of the five identified, this may not be the program for you.

Hypnosis Bootcamp Price

Hypnosis Bootcamp hovers around the middle of the price range for self-help programs. A single bootcamp costs $147, while the complete package which includes all five bootcamps costs only $497. This means that it’s a much better deal to buy all the packages together than to buy each package individually, especially since all five bootcamps would be beneficial to the large majority of users.


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