iAwake Technologies Review

Are you at peace with yourself? If you’re lucky enough to have a completely whole, unfractured inner self, you’re one of the lucky ones. On the other, if you struggle with mental well-being, have a hard time forgiving your neighbors’ mistakes, or ever feel dissatisfied with your inner life, iAwake Technologies is there to help. Their mission is to enhance your spiritual well-being through the use of music. The creators of iAwake Technologies view music as a key nutrient for your mind and soul–as the medicine of the future–and are determined to help you harness sound to create the inner peace and wellness you deserve.


How Does It Work?

iAwake Technologies uses the power of music to help users achieve spiritual awakening. Music has been used for years to help people achieve deeper states of meditation and self actualization. iAwake Technologies offers both downloadable MP3 files and CD versions of meditative music designed to help you achieve specific goals, such as forgiving those who have wronged you or increasing the power of your workouts. This is accomplished through the use of brainwave and biofold entertainment technologies.

What’s Included

iAwake Technologies include meditations in a number of different categories, including Heart Healing, the Freedom of Forgiveness, and Heart Ecstasy. For those just getting started with meditation and iAwake Technologies products, they offer Profound Meditation 3.0, a combination pack with several audio files designed to interact with your brain waves and immerse you in deep levels of meditation.

Who Is It For?

iAwake Technologies are designed for anyone who has ever been moved by the power of music. It’s created to help you achieve oneness with your inner self and heal your mind and soul. If these sound like worthy goals, this technology is for you.


Each track from iAwake Technologies offers the benefit of brainwave technology which increase the functionality of your brain and deepens your meditation and sense of self. This leads to an overall increase in mental wellbeing and decrease in stress and negative energy. The iAwake Technology suites come with listening guides to help you get the most out of your meditation and achieve the best results.

Program Length

Meditation is meant to be a lifelong practice, and iAwake Technologies encourages this lifelong pursuit of meditation. However, they do offer a listening schedule for those just starting out with meditation which, if followed to completion, lasts about four months. Most of the tracks on iAwake Technologies are 25-minutes long, with meditation suites holding multiple tracks.


Customer reviews rave about the effectiveness of iAwake Technologies. Unfortunately, because the exact science behind the technology is not outlined on their website, assessing the long-term effects of the science is not possible.


  • Offers meditation designed to help you heal from issues in your life
  • Focus on healing meditation and forgiveness is unique and exciting
  • Offers coaching, blog, and social media access to continual community support throughout your meditative experience
  • Beta testing program ensures that new meditations have been properly attuned to the audience before release


  • Lacks a comprehensive page discussing the science behind iAwake Technologies
  • Website is a bit choppy and hard to navigate
  • To get the most out of the technology, must be able to commit to several 25-minutes sessions each day, which may be hard for those with busy schedules

iAwake Technologies Price

The meditation suites vary in price, with some as low as $23 and others as high as $300. This price differences are related, at least in part, to the number of tracks available within the suite. Special discounts are available for veterans and for full-time students.