Law of Attraction 101 Review

Law of Attraction 101 is a creation from world renown host of The Inspiration Show, author of Never in Your Wildest Dreams, and co-founder of the popular self-development program, Mind Movies, Natalie Ledwell. The program is designed to offer consumers a step-by-step blueprint on implementing the Law of Attraction daily. On top of the blueprint, each customer will receive 7 individual worksheets that will help with clarity and the creation process. Ledwell’s ultimate goal is to help everyone understand how to attract and manifest their deepest desires and live a life of happiness and joy.


What’s Included

With this program, you will learn how to reduce and remove negative and debilitating patterns, how to properly visualize, and developing achievable goals. With your purchase, you will receive:

  • 7 Video Lessons

This is the entire backbone of the Law of Attraction 101 digital course. These entertaining, informative, and highly educational videos will teach you everything you need to know to implement the Law of Attraction in your life.

  • 7 Worksheets

With the 7 Passion Play worksheets provided with this program, one can write down their goals and create an action plan that will serve as motivation for attracting and manifesting each goal. As Natalie Ledwell mentions, these worksheets will help bring one’s manifestations to fruition much faster.

Who is it for?

Law of Attraction 101 is the perfect program for anyone seeking to either learn or expand upon their current understanding of the Law of Attraction.

Program Length

Law of Attraction 101 is designed to be taken at your own leisure. With seven individual videos, it is possible to complete the entire course within a day; however, you will likely want to take your time, thus a few days is recommended to ensure you absorb all of the material.


Law of Attraction 101 is one of the most comprehensive self-development eCourses available today. The program is comprised of a carefully constructed blueprint with essential steps for incorporating the Law of Attraction in your life. Full of vital and exclusive tips and tricks from Law of Attraction expert, Natalie Ledwell, this program is, without question, worth the price of the program.

Overall Feedback

In the self-help field, many authors do not provide readers with enough substance to truly change their life. The entire Law of Attraction 101 eCourse was designed to provide the you with an exclusive step-by-step blueprint on implementing the Law of Attraction to manifest your truest desires. With seven videos, Law of Attraction 101 is full of some of the best advice, exercises, and information on the Law of Attraction to date.


  • 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • The Law Attraction 101 was developed by widely popular, Natalie Ledwell. She is considered one of the world’s most popular Law of Attraction figures.
  • The program is extremely easy to use and watch, making it optimal for anyone to use.


  • The entire program is digitized, meaning you will not receive anything physical in the mail.
  • The program only includes 7 videos.

Law of Attraction 101 Price

The Law of Attraction 101 digital self-development program is currently available for a one-time fee of $197. Unlike many of Ledwell’s other programs, this is considered the true value of the course and does not have any special discounts. Also, this program does not come with any bonuses or added features.