Law of Attraction Planner Review

The Law of Attraction Planner is a specifically designed planner for Law of Attraction enthusiast that desires an “All In One” planner with plenty of tools and guidance to manifest their dreams and desires. Whether it is setting priorities and goals, keeping scheduled appointments, or creating positive habits that will impact your goals in a positive way, this planner has it all.

If you’ve attempted to use the Law of Attraction to manifest tremendous things in your life, you may understand that you’ll need a little help in the process. If you feel scatter-brained and need a way to revolutionize the way you plan your schedule in a way that is in alignment with the Law of Attraction, then the Law of Attraction Planner will help.

What’s Included

The Law of Attraction Planner comes in three destiny forms. The three Law of Attraction planners are as follows:

  1. Law of Attraction 1-Month Reusable Planner
  • Journal section for you to keep track of your day.
  • Specifically crafted affirmations for you to enhance your daily thinking.
  • Habit reprogramming process for you to create better daily habits.
  • Enhance your creativity and intuition by jotting down your ideas.
  • Erase the whole planner by simply throwing it in the microwave for 30 seconds.
  • It is super smooth high quality 100 gsm tick paper.
  • Includes a vision board area.
  • Goal setting guide.
  • 31-Day Layouts.
  • Weekly and monthly overview calendars.
  1. Law of Attraction 12-Months Planner
  • Receive the Law of Attraction Roadmap: 8 Steps to Design Your Dream Life
  • Awareness and Self-Discovery Guide
  • Craft Your Vision and Mission Statements so you can create better intentions.
  • Vision board area so you can constantly remember your goals.
  • Strategy and planning guide so you can better get clear on your goals.
  • Mind mapping area for you to break up your big goals into believable small goals.
  • Weekly planning overview. (56 Weeks Total)
  • Smooth high quality 100 gsm thick paper.
  1. Law of Attraction 12-Months Deluxe Planers
  • Everything from the regular 12-Months planner but with added bonuses.

Bonuses Include:

  • Planner back pocket.
  • Motivational Planner Stickers
  • Affirmation cover filled with beneficial affirmations.
  • 90-Day Success Planner Notepad

Who Is It For?

The Law of Attraction planner is the best accompaniment for the busy day individual wanting to get on track with their Law of Attraction goals. If you find yourself feeling unclear about your goals and unmotivated to accomplish them, this planner will bring about the clarity you need to get on track with your desires and goals.

Program Length

There is no specific program length for which the Law of Attraction Planner is intended for. The reusable planner is intended to be used every month of the year and the 12-month planner is a full years’ worth of planning of your goals and aspirations. With this in mind, the time you spend filling it in depends entirely on how much time you can donate in each individual area. 


The Law of Attraction Planner serves the benefit of being a day planner in alignment with the teachings of the Law of Attraction. Unlike any schedule planner out there that is solely focused on you scheduling down your meetings and agenda for the week or month, this planner comes with a plethora of added benefits. Due to the intention and way it was created, this planner serves as a road map for you to improve your life and get clear about your goals, mission, and vision.

Overall Feedback

This planner is not just a way to schedule out your days, it is a guidance system for your goals, vision, and life-mission. Whether you have a desire to enhance your life with positive affirmations or you want to get clear about your 1 year goal, this Law of Attraction planner is essential in helping you accomplish your goals. With the added benefit of it being lightweight, this planner can be put in a backpack, purse, or office desk for you to take out every day and take note of your amazing progression.


  • Full month planner for you to better schedule your goals.
  • Helps you set priorities.
  • Includes a goal setting guide.
  • Includes an area for a dream board. This can be very handy.
  • Helps you create successful habits in the areas of health and fitness.
  • Inspirational daily quote on each page to inspire you.
  • Includes a gratitude log for you to journal the daily things you are grateful for.
  • Includes many self-discovery and awareness questions.
  • Millionaire mind affirmations for you to develop a wealthy thinking.
  • Fairly prices for the package that you receive.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Comes in PU leather.


  • Can be somewhat overwhelming.
  • Requires daily reflection and goal setting which may be a con for someone that does not have the time.

The Law of Attraction Planner Price

There are currently three planners available:

  1. Law of Attraction 1-Month Reusable Planner: $16.95
  2. Law of Attraction 12-Months Planners: $23.95
  3. Law of Attraction 12-Months Deluxe Planners: $35.95