Life Potential Developments NLP Training Review

Life Potential Developments believes in the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to increase people’s quality of life and allow them to achieve their full potential. Unfortunately, the developers also realize that getting the right training to achieve these results is often cost-prohibitive and involves extensive travel to seminars across the country. To address these concerns and make NLP training accessible to more people, they developed an online course to train people in NLP and also certify those students to train others in the hopes that more people can reap the benefits of neuro-linguistic programming.

How Does It Work?

Imagine you’re walking through the woods. You have a choice between a wide gravel logging road, a well trod hunting trail, or an overgrown path that might once have led somewhere interesting. If you’re like most people, you stick to the road, knowing that it’s the easiest, most direct path through the woods. You may take the well-trod trail if you’re looking to add some variety to your life, but it’s very unlikely that you will take the overgrown path as it’s likely to be filled with obstacles and its destination is unknown to you.

This is how your mind works. Neurons travel along electrical pathways. The more often you send neurons down a path, the stronger it becomes, while pathways that you don’t use become harder and harder to utilize over time. While in many ways this is great, ensuring you become more efficient and proficient at tasks that are important to your life, occasionally your particular life experiences cause certain paths to become closed off to you that you would rather have access to. This is the cause of fears, phobias, and uncertainties. NLP works by breaking down those neural barriers to make those pathways accessible again and then retraining your neurons to travel those paths so they become strong and easy once more.

Life Potential Developments teaches this process to you through several computer-based classes that you can attend at home. These classes are divided into ten distinct modules which will take you through the basics of NLP and then show you how to apply NLP to the many facets of your life. Case studies will empower you to use this practice to help others as well.

What’s Included

The package offered by Life Potential Developments is extensive. It includes:

  • 10 Distinct Modules with 130 total videos
  • 85 Presentations to apply NLP to your real life
  • 45 Live Demonstrations of the process in action
  • New Problem-Solving and Communication Techniques
  • Certifications in NLP Practition and Certified Coaching
  • Coaching Assessment Tool
  • Lifetime Access to Your Training
  • Continual Access to Your Coaches

The wide variety of video types and hands-on training ensure you get the most out of your experience and that multiple types of learners can be successful with the program.

Who Is It For?

If you’ve ever personally benefited from NLP or seen the benefits of NLP at work and want to share that gift with others, this NLP Training and Certification program is for you. The course will teach you all about NLP, including how to practice it yourself, which may open the doorway for you for a new career.


NLP Coaches benefit not only from the ability to break down their own mental barriers, increase confidence, decrease fears and phobias, and take control of their lives, but also from the ability to help others do the same. If you like helping people and care about people reaching their full potential and attaining maximum quality of life, you’ll find true benefit here.

Program Length

The course is divided into ten distinct modules, each of which takes about twelve hours to complete. This is a total of 120 hours of work, and is the equivalent of attaining a BA in NLP. Once the initial program is completed, there is also a Master’s version.


Testimonials from students who have taken the course say that it’s easy to use and that it allows them to broaden their understanding of their own internal selves as well as their understanding of the people they coach and counsel.


The class was developed over the course of twelve months. It was carefully thought out and strategically planned to include the best hands-on learning and real-life experience possible in an online format. This means that you can go into the course confident in the education you will receive. There’s no worry that your experience may lack due to unforeseen circumstances on the instructor’s side of things, or that they will have a bad day and miss key knowledge points for you. Sessions are pre-recorded and vetted to ensure maximum quality. Additionally, because it’s a certification program, it not only teaches you how to benefit from NLP personally but also how to empower others to do so. And while this type of training is typically only available in live seminars, this program offers it online, giving you convenient, self-paced access to the material without the hassle of travel.


The downside of flexibility is self-discipline. Like all online courses, this one requires you to have the gumption to put in the time and energy required to get the most out of the course. No one will be checking your homework or taking attendance, which makes you personally responsible for your education.

Life Potential Developments Price

The basic program, which teaches NLP but does not offer certification, costs $1,500, while the premium version, including certification, costs $1,800. A Master’s level certification is also available for $2,300.

Payment plans are available to make the high cost of the program more manageable in short spurts, and a 100% money-back guarantee is offered for those unsatisfied with their results. Though the cost of the program is high, when you consider the number of hours that went into the development of the course, as well as the fact that you would normally have to travel and pay air fare and hotel costs to attend any single NLP seminar, the price begins to seem much more reasonable. When you consider that you’ll be spending as much time on the program as many spend attaining a Bachelor’s degree, the cost is downright cheap, significantly less than a single semester at most universities.