Love Or Above Review – Christie Marie Sheldon

Love or Above is a home study program that takes you through the exact steps needed to align your positive energy forces and boost your personal vibration frequencies to the highest level possible.  Created by energy expert and natural intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon, Love or Above is the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of research, practice and study.


The concepts Love or Above center around the notion that the entire universe comes from energy and thus, every entity has a distinct vibrational frequency since all energy does.  This concept has been tested and is scientifically proven—Love or Above lets you harness this knowledge and use it to better your entire life.

How it Works

Since higher frequency energy vibrations create peace, love and happiness, while low level frequencies house depression, fear and anger, you want to have the highest frequencies possible for your ultimate happiness.

  • If your frequencies are low, or blocked, then you will attract more qualities—this is why depression, fear, sadness, etc., all spiral out of control.
  • If you are emanating high frequencies, you attract more positive emotions and experiences.

Love or Above gives you all of the tools you need to not only understand and identify which levels of frequency are blocked, but to release these blocks as well.  By doing so, you will raise your vibrations to the highest levels and completely alter the path of your life for the better.


Love or Above is effective for a number of reasons:

  • Provides entirely new perspective and outlook on life, which invites big changes
  • Opens our minds and lives up to new possibilities beyond the physical
  • Works from ground up with new meditative techniques that are easy for beginners and experts alike
  • Program works as you go through it, meaning you benefit simply from listening


Here are some of the great features you get when you try Love or Above:

  • Muscle Testing and How to Make the Right Decisions at All Times
  • How to Ask Life-Changing Questions
  • The Wisdom Meditation and Connecting to Your Infinite-Self
  • Connecting to Your Guides –  Getting Support from a Higher Power
  • The Energy Detox – Cleaning up Negative Residual Energy from Your Being
  • The Cord Cutting Meditation: Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns that No Longer Serve You
  • Vision Board Energizer: The Next Level in the Vision Board Exercise
  • Key to Self-Mastery: How to Manifest Your Desires, Faster and More Often
  • Getting into Your Heart Space – Creating a Calm, Cool Confidence to Stride Towards Your Dreams
  • Blessing Ball of Light and Learning the Art of Giving ‘Blessings’
  • Spiritual First-Aid for Families
  • Light Contract – a pact between you and the Universe that makes it aware of your intentions
  • Attitudes of Gratitude Journal is a 3-Step guided action plan to double your energetic frequency
  • Truth Detector helps you recognize your true intuition
  • Bust fear or anger if it rears its ugly head with Fear Buster
  • Space Cleanser sucks out negative energy instantly

Love or Above Price

For $99 you get 12 spiritual tools in 6 modules, a companion workbook and two bonus series, all digitally delivered.  To get access to the digital program and have a hard-copy of the entire program shipped to your doorstep, it is only $149.



Love or Above