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Meditation Made Easy is an online course offered by Hay House. The new thought and self-help publisher is known for its spiritually enlightening publications, courses and products.

The Meditation Made Easy course is taught by Matteo Pistono. Pistono is a writer, photographer, and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. In this course, Pistono shares his knowledge of meditation so that anyone can easily start the practice as well.

Benefits of Learning Meditation

Meditation is a powerful way to access your potential. Using only your mind and body, you can unlock the strength within yourself. With the calmness and emotional grounding that comes with meditation, you’ll discover a life of contentment and joy. Pistono designed this course so that everyone can experience the peacefulness that meditation brings.

Meditation Made Easy is one of the most comprehensive online video course about meditation. It provides an overview of the history and practice of meditation. You’ll also learn techniques and ancient teachings that allow you to integrate what you’ve learned into your daily life.

When you’re done with this course, you’ll have the ability to create a powerful mind and body connection within yourself. Your awareness will improve, and you’ll learn to become more attentive and focused. Meditation can help improve all areas of your life. Meditation Made Easy is designed to get you started.

This online course consists of seven video lessons taught by Matteo Pistono, and is available for immediate download after purchase.

You’ll learn principles of meditation and techniques to get you in touch with yourself. There’s also a wealth of knowledge on exercises, posture, and practices. With this information, you’ll have the ability to comfortably mediate with confidence. Think of this course as a toolbox that offers all you need to start a life-long meditative practice.

The course also includes:

14 audio meditations to download and use wherever you are.
Worksheets to help reinforce what you’ve learned.
A journal and a 28-day meditation plan.

Meditation Made Easy is available for purchase now on the Hay House website.

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