Mind Movies 4.0 Review: Create Your Future Now

Mind Movies 4.0: Create Your Future Now! is a self-development program designed by Natalie Ledwell, host of The Inspiration Show, and author of Never in Your Wildest Dreams. This product is designed to help you create interactive vision boards using technology and software proven to help create powerful and life-altering “mind movies”. Each video is only 3 minutes long and is a direct creation of each consumer, making it even more meaningful.

One of the most powerful tools that people have to create their future is something known as a vision board. Through utilizing photographs or videos, one can use a vision board to see the future they desire. Now, you are able to create your vision board digitally, thanks to Natalie Ledwell.

What’s Included

The Mind Movies 4.0 digital program includes multiple different tools, including over $1000 worth of bonuses, that are intended to help reprogram the subconscious mind and shape reality to how you really want it to be.

  • Mind Movies Creation Kit

All of the magic behind this product stems from the Mind Movies Creation Kit. With this program you will receive life-time access to the software and technology for creating your own personal vision boards.

  • Step-By-Step Dream Crystallization

This is a video class that is designed to help every single consumer learn their truest and deepest desires. Through this video class, it will serve as a preface before creating a Mind Movie with the Mind Movies Creation Kit.

  • $1000 of Bonuses for Members
    • Love or Above Energetic Breakthrough Kit ($47)
    • 5 Guided Meditation Audios to Activate Your Superhuman Manifesting Power ($37)
    • SubSines Inception Meditation MP3 ($97)
    • Rock Star Charisma Training ($97)
    • 12 Principles for Winning the Mind Games ($149.95)
    • My Morning Mentor 90 Day Video Series ($99)
    • 5 x Brain Hacker MP3s ($75)
    • Manifesting Money and Success: The Ultimate Manifestation Breakthrough Kit ($47)
    • Mental Money Movies: A New Way to Nevillize Your Goals ($97.95)
    • Clearing Negative Beliefs Meditation (MP3 Download, $47)
    • The Bug Free Mind Breakthrough Kit ($75)

Who Is It For?

The Mind Movies 4.0 digital self-development program is perfect for anyone that is feeling unfulfilled in their everyday life. Whether it’s burnt-out at work or stuck in a constant revolving door of negative circumstances, Mind Movies 4.0 is designed help any individual create their future with leading-edge technology and software. No matter the age or experience with technology, this program is extremely easy to use and requires minimal time.

Program Length

Each video that you create using the Mind Movies Creation Kit will only be 3 minutes long. However this may depend upon how much time you dedicate to it.


The Mind Movies 4.0 Create Your Future Now! digital program is one of the best tools available for programming the mind on shaping and creating reality. What makes this program so special is that each video is created by the consumer and only lasts for a total of 3 minutes. With an easy-to-use system, anyone can create dozens of Mind Movies and begin shifting their reality. On top of $1000 worth of bonuses, this entire program is truly magnificent for helping people create their future.

Overall Feedback

The entire program is to help individuals that are not finding fulfillment in their everyday life. Instead of succumbing to the circumstances, Ledwell’s program encourages the consumer to create new and better circumstances with her highly-qualified and popular program: Mind Movies 4:0. With the Mind Movie Creation Kit, anyone can begin creating and shaping their future within minutes.


  • 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked.
  • This program only requires 3 minutes every single day to watch a personally created movie.
  • Each movie can be downloaded to your computer.
  • The creator of Mind Movies 4.0 has a solid reputation in the industry.
  • The quality of each Mind Movie is quite impressive, in comparison to what other programs are offering.


  • The program is fully digitized, meaning you may not print out and create a traditional vision board with your Mind Movie.

Mind Movies 4.0 Price

The Mind Movies 4.0: Create Your Future Now! digital self-development program retails for $197. However, Natalie Ledwell is currently offering the program for a one-time payment of $97 or a two-time payment of $58.99. This price includes everything mentioned above.


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