Mind Movies Matrix Review: The Multi-Sensory Success System

The Mind Movies Matrix: The Multi-Sensory Success System is self-development digital program designed by the popular co-founder of Mind Movies, host of The Inspiration Show, and author of Never in Your Wildest Dreams, Natalie Ledwell. This program was designed on the same conceptual background of Mind Movies, except with the collaboration with Morry Zelcovitch, introducing a new powerful way program the subconscious mind. With subliminal technology and the scientifically proven brainwave entrainment, the Mind Movies Matrix promises quicker and more empowered results.

When it comes to creating your reality, many people do not realize how powerful the subconscious mind actually is. As a result, these people consistently struggle to see the results they desire because of past-programming and beliefs. What many researchers have discovered is that there are numerous tools available to help people rewire their mind for success and shaping reality.

What’s Included

Mind Movies Matrix: The Multi-Sensory Success System is a digital program that includes an assortment of tools and bonuses that are designed to help reprogram your subconscious mind so that you may create your future in four different areas: wealth, relationships, health, and the perfect partner.

  • Mind Movies Matrix

The crutch of the entire digital program comes from Mind Movies Matrix. With an assortment of premade visualization videos embedded with subliminal technology and brainwave entrainment, each consumer will attract better and faster results than the original Mind Movies 4.0 system. Since each premade video only lasts for 3 minutes, it’s the perfect complement to your entire day.

  • 12 Month Access to Subliminal Success Accelerator

When registering for the Mind Movies Matrix program, you will receive exclusive access for 12 months to the Subliminal Success Accelerator. This is a monthly mentorship program where you will learn secrets and tips that are often not discussed by the mainstream programs. You will have the opportunity to talk with a coach personally each month and so much more!

  • Uncut Footage of Mind Mastery World Summit Seminar

The Mind Mastery World Summit is one of the single most important events in the world for the self-development field. With this, you are given exclusive and private access to watch over 11 DVDs worth of videos. Through watching these DVDs, you will hear from some of the greatest in the industry such as: Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and T. Harv Eker.

Who Is It For?

This is the perfect program for absolutely anyone seeking to enhance their manifestations and creational power. With the Mind Movies Matrix digital self-development program, you can quickly begin reprogramming and removing any barriers that are preventing your ability to shape reality. On top of this, it does not matter how old you are, this program is designed for everyone.

Program Length

Each premade video in the digital program is designed to only last 6 minutes, making it easy for anyone living a busy life to watch and enjoy.


The Mind Movies Matrix: The Multi-Sensory Success System is one of the best digital self-development programs available today. Mind Movies Matrix combines leading-edge technology that is designed to help reprogram the subconscious mind quicker than ever before. All that is required of the consumer is to take three minutes each day to watch the premade videos. With hundreds of dollars in bonuses, the program can be vital for those who are struggling to notice results in their life.

Overall Feedback

The entire Mind Movies Matrix digital program from Natalie Ledwell was designed to help people get better results in their life. With leading-edge subliminal technology and entrainment brainwaves, Mind Movies Matrix is promised to help you create your future.

With an easy-to-use interface and high-quality bonuses, this program is worth every penny.

Taking the time to reprogram your subconscious mind might feel like hassle today; however, if you are dedicated to creating your best life, you must begin to act today. All that is required is three minutes of your day! Can you afford to set aside three minutes a day?


  • The technological background of this product is quite advanced.
  • All of the added bonuses, on top of Mind Movies Matrix, makes this digital program a popular and high-value product.
  • Given the additions to Mind Movies Matrix, this program is promised to be more effective than Mind Movies 4.0
  • 1 Year money back guarantee.


  • The entire program is digitized, meaning you will not receive any DVDs or anything physical in the mail.
  • Some of the sales pitch may be exaggerated, results are not guaranteed.
  • The program only includes recorded coaching sessions, not personal coaching.

Mind Movies Matrix Price

Mind Movies Matrix: The Multi-Sensory Success System is valued at, according to the website, $1,695. Currently the program is being sold for $297, which can either be paid with an initial payment or two separate payments of $178.99. This price includes both bonus packages.


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