How to Overcome Self Doubt When Presenting Your Ideas to Peers

Present Ideas to Peers Without Any Trace Of Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is not unusual. It’s even the norm for most people. Such doubt can lead to a variety of ugly scenarios. These in turn prevent people from realizing their full potentials, essentially holding them back. They pass up numerous opportunities all because they feel they aren’t worthy or find themselves lacking in certain ways.

Conquer Self-Doubt – Face Peers With Confidence

Self-doubt often happens when in the company of friends and colleagues. People on the same professional or academic level as you usually have no problems challenging your self-belief. Sometimes their presence is enough to shake your confidence. The self-doubt can be so bad that you actually start thinking they’re better than you, when actually they’re no different.

Ignore the party poopers. Feel confident among peers with the help of the following:

  • It’s your work – Try to recall how much time and effort you invested to succeed. It could be devoting years to a company as a junior employee or finishing school. The point is you did it yourself. You reached the top through hard work. It wasn’t a cakewalk, but it was sure worth it. You deserve all the success coming your way. Quit selling yourself short.
  • Let the track record do all the talking – Take a step back to evaluate the path you took along with the triumphs you’ve enjoyed throughout the journey. Your track record is probably quite remarkable. If only you were aware of it. Think of the number of people who could benefit from the stuff you’ve achieved. That’s a major achievement already. Believe it: you’re a certified game-changer, a real visionary.
  • Validation from the top – You have been validated by the head honchos at your firm. They agree that your work is proof positive that you deserve your current position in the company so quit questioning their decision.

Maybe you were promoted at work. Your boss recognized your work output quality and gifted you with a raise. Welcome the big break. For college degree holders, experts in their field of study accept that you received sufficient education in your area of study. You’re qualified for the job you’re doing so move forward filled with confidence in your abilities.

  • You deserve good things – You have as much right to the attention and accolades as the next guy. Accept every good thing moving toward your direction. It’s okay to praise others for a job well done, but it also doesn’t hurt to give yourself a pat on the back. Don’t feel guilty you spoke up for yourself. People also need to hear your voice. Your education, experience, and expertise are all the validation necessary so be confident and stand out from the crowd.

It’s hard for fresh opportunities to come in if there’s never any space for them. Now is the time to get rid of the self-doubt you’ve been saddled with all your life. You’ll be surprised how fast new breaks show up when you’re not second-guessing yourself. Assume control of your life and start showing others that you deserve everything you have and are going to have.

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