Is It Possible to Reprogram DNA for Better Health?

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Your DNA has a direct impact on the way cells develop, and researchers have been looking for a way to regulate the activity of genes in order to impact health and wellness. Researchers in Sydney have discovered that 97% of the DNA within a human body has an impact on encoding or programming proteins, and learning how to control DNA opens up the possibility to alter gene expression.

Impact of DNA Reprogramming

To the average person, DNA reprogramming might not seem like a big deal. But, the implications of this discovery might have a huge impact on modern medicine. For example, if cells have become cancerous as the result of damage that occurred from environmental factors, then it might be possible to re-train the DNA in order to prevent the damaged cells from spreading.

This idea is still in the early stages and additional research needs to be completed in order to understand more about how DNA reprogramming works. But, it creates a whole new world of possibilities for the doctors and researchers who are searching for an answer to serious health concerns.

How DNA Impacts Cellular Activities

To make it easy to understand, consider that your DNA works in a similar way as the internet. There are massive amounts of information moving through the network, and each piece of information is very small compared to the bigger picture.

Like the internet, DNA is working in your body to send large amounts of information through your body, to manage the way the body is functioning. When you change the source of information, then it could possibly change the way the information is being communicated to all of the cells in your body.

To put it simply, your body contains a unique blueprint that shows up within DNA molecules that are present in every cell within the body. This blueprint directs the way each cell functions, which has an impact on health, as well as physical traits and characteristics. Variations within DNA may impact something as big as your risk of heart disease, or something smaller such as the way you react to medication. DNA also impacts genetic disorders, so understanding how to reprogram DNA can have a major impact on a world-wide level.

At this point, science has been unable to determine exactly how DNA impacts a person’s biology, but we know that there is a connection. The next step is to understand exactly how doctors can impact DNA in a specific way, in order to heal health problems that a person is experiencing.

Light and Sound Can Impact DNA

At the University of Cincinnati, researchers discovered that light and sound can have an impact on the healing processes within the body. They used electrical signals at high frequencies in order to assist the healing process of chronic wounds, such as persistent diabetic ulcers.

The theory is that each living organism has its own frequency of energy, and by applying a different energy frequency it might be possible to target other microorganisms without harming the healthy tissue. For example, there may be a frequency that can target bacterial infections, fungal infections, or parasites within the body, without damaging the surrounding, healthy tissue.

Identifying the proper frequency might give doctors the ability to remove harmful occurrences within the body, by using a simple electrical frequency. This modality could help to decrease the side effects that a person experiences, because it might help to eliminate the need to use drugs and invasive treatments for healing.

For many years, ancient Chinese medicine has suggested that physical problems can be impacted by working with the energy conduits within the body. Now, modern research is beginning to back up this theory, which means that it may be possible to learn how to use energy, such as light and sound, to treat physical ailments.

Energy: The Healing Treatment of the Future?

While this idea is a fascinating one to explore, additional research needs to be done in order understand more about how vibration and energy frequency impact DNA and the healing processes within the body. Enough evidence has been gathered at this point to warrant additional research on this topic, but it may be many years before conclusive evidence is discovered.

Some people have experienced healing that cannot be backed by a scientific explanation, making it difficult to quantify the healing into a step-by-step process that will work for every person. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience this type of healing in your own life. You might consider trying it for yourself, to see if it makes a difference in your own physical healing.

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