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Silva Life System is a multimedia training program that’s designed to awaken your mind and enable it to achieve its full potential. It has been tested and approved by over 6 million people, including top CEOs, artists, and medical professionals.

It has been updated from the original program to ensure that it’s more able to provide a better framework and optimized tools so its users can have a more engaging and effective learning experience.

The Silva Life System is scientifically proven to allow you to get past living a mediocre life in terms of your career, finances, relationships, and health.

What’s In It?

The Silva Life System is a really comprehensive system. It has 17 empowering techniques which are divided into several chapters to make learning easier and faster.

To satisfy your curiosity, here’s a brief look at what the system contains:

Chapter 1

This is the introduction. Here, you’ll need to watch an introductory audio and video to help you get started in mastering the concepts and values you need to know for your empowerment journey.

Chapter 2

This chapter introduces the steps to the actual system. You’ll learn how to transform your reaction to stress and understand a system you can use in making important decisions in your life.

You’ll be able to understand how to go beyond the limiting fears and beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. You’ll know how to relax and just melt away stress.

Chapter 3

This is the start of your mind-body management. Here, you’ll master the sleep control and alarm clock technique so you can enjoy a rejuvenating sleep and wake up in perfect sync with your natural sleeping pattern.

Chapter 4

This is the continuation of your mind-body management. In this chapter, you’ll understand how to apply the dream control and energizing technique which you can use to keep your body energized and in top condition throughout your day.

Chapter 5

In this chapter, you’ll learn all about the 3 Fingers Technique. It is what will allow you to enter the Alpha level of your mind within just seconds. In fact, the technique only requires you to work your three fingers to get to that state.

Chapter 6

This is the beginning of your healing and problem-solving lessons. In the chapter, you’ll have a better understanding of the energizing water technique. It’s a simple yet effective technique for overcoming a problem subconsciously.

Another tool you’ll encounter at this part is the Headache Relief Technique. As its name implies, the technique is a useful tool for deflecting headaches and cranial pills without taking any pills. This is a good lesson to learn if you’re frequently plagued with debilitating migraines but you don’t want to risk your health by taking a lot of pain relievers.

Chapter 7

In chapter 7, you’ll learn about the use of the Mirror of the Mind Technique. It’s a powerful and versatile tool that you can use to train your mind to visualize specific scenarios. Learning the technique can help you solve problems and overcome challenges faster and with less complications and stress.

Chapter 8

In the 8th chapter, you’ll get a lesson about using the Three Scenes Technique to heal your mind, body, and soul. The system will teach you how you can do that just by visualizing specific scenes mentally.

You will also encounter the Healing the Past exercise which will allow you to dive deep into your subconscious to let you uncover events in your past that are sabotaging your current situation.

Chapter 9

This chapter is all about the Fantastic Voyage exercise where you’ll learn how to transcend n time and space. This is the beginning of your journey towards unlocking your fullest potential intuitively.

Chapter 10

The Mental Laboratory technique will be discussed at this point. It’s a great tool to use for solving problems and healing.

Chapter 11

This section will train you to sharpen your sixth sense. It’s where you’ll learn the Getting to Know your Counselors exercise where you’ll engage with an invisible panel of counselors mentally. You can get advice from them on any issue you encounter.

Chapter 12

This chapter can be life-changing for anyone. It will teach you how to get rid of your negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones so you can attract better chances. It will prepare you for your final exercise.

Chapter 13

In the final chapter, you’ll master the Mirror of the Mind technique. It’s a tool you can use whenever you want to achieve balance and align what you’re feeling to what you want to happen.

What You’ll Get From It

With so many chapters, the system can positively affect your life in so many ways. It will enable you to:

  • Fall asleep faster
  • Wake up whenever you want
  • Understand what your limiting beliefs are coming from
  • Learn how to tap into the power of your mind
  • Heal yourself
  • Solve problems
  • Get answers
  • Become more focused on thinking positively
  • Be more connected to yourself
  • Get rid of stress for good
  • Experience a deeper level of meditation in just minutes
  • Stop stress from disturbing you
  • Let your productivity soar higher
  • Stay clearly in focus
  • Develop better and more positive thought patterns
  • Lower self-criticism
  • Increase the rate at which your body is healing
  • Be more creative


Unleashing the full power of your mind can be life-changing. Here are some of the benefits you can get from the system:

  • You’ll get anything you put your mind on- as long as you are able to get rid of your limiting beliefs.
  • You’ll understand how to replace your limiting beliefs with positive ones.
  • You’ll know how to be a genius and use your mind in almost every situation.
  • You’ll learn the best ways to keep your mind and body relaxed for extended periods of time.
  • You’ll know how to react to challenges and deal with them in a more thoughtful and mature way.

Who Is It For?

The system is designed for everyone. However, it is particularly recommended to:

  • People who are interested in becoming stronger and more attuned to life
  • People who are interested in healing themselves
  • People who want to listen to their inner beings and tap into their minds
  • People who are willing to improve their life and health
  • People who aspire to be more positive

The system can be used any time. You don’t really need to have so much free time for you to utilize the system to its fullest. In just 5 minutes per day, you can start learning how to unleash your fullest potential and reach the Alpha state.

Does It Really Work?

There are thousands of people who’ll say yes to that question. The fact that it has upgraded tools and techniques from its initial version means that the program is designed to work better. Apart from the tools and techniques, this version also has better insights, tips, and lessons that guarantee a better learning experience.

Plus, it has a new program layout as well.The curriculum is more enjoyable and easier to digest. For example, you can pick a specific technique you can use for your current situation. This freedom and flexibility mean you’ll be able to get advance lessons depending on what’s more crucial to your present problem.

You have the option to go back to previous lessons or to repeat the ones you like the most. You can keep practicing the techniques until you’ve mastered them and you can work at your own pace. Since it’s available on mobile devices, you can even practice during weekends or during your break at work.

There’s also more emphasis on active meditation. This means that there are less restrictive meditations that can bore you out. You’ll be able to create your own experience which can make transformation a lot more immersive.


  • The modules or chapters are arranged sequentially.
  • There’s the option to pick a lesson suitable for present needs. It allows one to repeat lessons as well.
  • It can be learned at one’s own pace and time.
  • There’s no waiting time.
  • It can be used by everyone.
  • It’s an upgraded and better version.
  • It is mobile friendly.
  • It doesn’t take a long time to do each day.

Silva Life System Price

The Silva Life System is one of the most affordable transformation programs today. You can get it for as low as $99 for a one-time payment or pay in two installments of $59 each.


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