The Spiritual Laws of Money by T. Harv Eker Review

Our culture teaches us that you can either be a good, wholesome human being with a great mind-body connection and spiritual self, or that you can be rich and successful. TV, media, and books all make spiritual living and financial success seem mutually exclusive. MindValley Academy’s course on becoming a spiritual millionaire turns that belief system on its head. It argues that you don’t have to be poor to be spiritual. Even better, it guides you to becoming a prosperous, financially successful individual in a spiritual, wholesome way.

How Does It Work?

Purchasing the “Spiritual Laws of Money” course gives you access to 8 courses taught on becoming a spiritual millionaire by a man who has been there and accomplished his goal. By watching the course and following along in your workbook, you can learn the key techniques instructor T. Harv Eker has developed over the course of his lifetime. This includes teaching you how to reframe your subconscious money blueprint to guarantee financial success. Eker also looks at using the things you’re passionate about to blend money-making with spirituality and how to eliminate destructive thinking patterns that are working as roadblocks to success.

What’s Included

Your purchase of MindValley Academy’s “Spiritual Laws of Money” gives you access to eight courses taught by well-loved instructor T. Harv Eker. It also gives you access to 8 millionaire visualizations as separate MP3s, a workbook to use throughout the course, and an EBook on making money.

The EBook, also written by Eker, helps you develop and create a fantastic, dynamic business system. It’s useful not only for people who already own their own business but also for people who want to start their own business and are having a hard time getting started.  Here are the 8 chapters:

  1. Money, Self-Worth and Deservedness
  2. Money, Balance and Enjoying the Journey
  3. Money and Money Management
  4. Money, Purpose and Passion
  5. Money, Mind and Fear
  6. Money and Relationships
  7. Money, Income and Freedom
  8. Money and Spirituality

Who Is It For?

Spiritual Laws of Money is the perfect course for anyone who wants to achieve financial success without compromising their spiritual selves. Anyone who has allowed themselves to fall into financial ruin in order to keep their spirit clean and whole can learn from this course. It can help you become re-invested in your passions and use those passions to actually make money, just like you’ve always wanted to do.


Not only does this course give you the confidence to make millions without compromising your spirituality, but it also guides you through the process. It comes complete with money-making techniques that you can use even as a wholesome, spiritual individual. Not only does this ensure an increase in financial wellbeing and spirituality, but an overall increase in happiness. He also helps you learn to forgive yourself for your past mistakes so that you can let go of your guilt and move on in a healthy manner.

Program Length

This is an 8-week course which requires less than 20 minutes of your time each day throughout the eight weeks. Each week consists of watching one pre-recorded seminar, practicing one millionaire visualization, and completing a section of the enclosed work book.


T. Harv Eker has been lauded as a great millionaire instructor in such authoritative publications as CNN, NBC, Fox News, Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times, and Men’s Health. The reviews from people who took his course are positive and say that he helped them achieve great things, including becoming a best-selling author and making half a million dollars in a year. These are pretty extraordinary, tangible results.

Since I attended your program one year ago, my net worth has skyrocketed! Last year my net worth was $90,000; now it is close to half a million. I can’t thank you enough. – Catherine Hallock

Harv, I wanted to thank you for what you did for me 10 years ago. Working with you was one of the best financial and educational investments of my life. I was able to free myself from the thoughts I had about money that were in my life. When I came back from Iraq the only thing that didn’t make me succumb to my PTSD was the happiness that things surrounding money gave me because of the reconditioning in the course you gave me. Thank you. When it comes to money, you were the basis, and you helped me keep moving forward to get to this point. Thank you so much! – Erick Toledo

Eighteen months ago, my wife and I were a week away from divorcing. We were over $150,000 in debt and always fought about money. Your program changed all that, and today we are happily married. We are now debt free and own two companies worth over a quarter million dollars. – Daniel Donaghy


  • Famous, well-respected millionaire instructor
  • Online nature of the course allows you to follow along in a self-paced environment
  • You have access to seminars that usually require extensive travel and money to attend
  • Helps you reframe your mind and understanding of the world around you
  • Ability to rely on your passions to make money, leading to a happier, healthier life overall


  • Because the course consists of recorded lessons that have already taken place, you do not have the benefit of one-on-one instruction with the teacher. This requires you to be self-sufficient and in control of your own education.

Spiritual Laws of Money Price

The entire course is available for $595. This is far less than most would pay for attendance at a single self-help seminar, much less eight. Considering the seminar is meant to show you how to make money, this is a great investment towards your future. The accompanying workbook and Ebook will ensure you can follow along and work out your perfect plan for financial success.


Spiritual Laws of Money