Strategies The Will help You Overcome Your 3-Day Monk Challenges

The ‘3-day monk’ term is commonly used to describe a person that takes a real interest in something at the start before quickly losing interest. It could be everything from a fun new hobby or learning to play an instrument that gets your interest level up.

It’s normal to have a high level of excitement at the very beginning, even though nothing really gets accomplished. Let’s face it, the average person can’t learn to play piano in a week or two.

If you want to see some real progress, it’s important that you do a little every day. There is no need to commit to hours and hours each day, but devoting a little time each day can make a big difference.

Here are a few ways to defeat the 3-day monk challenge:

1. Do something you truly enjoy. No-one is making you do these activities, so make it something you really like. You will have a better chance of success if you don’t have to force yourself to follow through on what you are doing. Sheer willpower will only get you so far.

  • Think about something that has always interested you, but which ou have never been able to get to, and begin there.

2. Always remain positive. There are sure to be times when you doubt what you are doing, but they will pass. Keep on going when those doubts arise.

  • If you have a particularly bad day, try again the following day and it will be sure to be better than the last.

3. Follow a daily routine. Make a little time for your new activity each and every day. It is far easier to get in the habit of doing something if you commit to it daily as opposed to a couple of times per week.

  • Your daily time commitment can be as little as a few minutes, as long as you do something towards your activity.

4. Take it slow. It’s a whole lot easier to find 15 or 20 minutes each day to fit something new into your schedule. Trying to bank hours at a time is often an impossibility to deliver on. Create a schedule ahead of time that fits in with your other plans, as this will make it much easier to follow.

5. Jump right in. There are sure to be days when the thought of doing your chosen activity simply won’t be that appealing. Sticking to shorter periods of activity will make it easier to talk yourself into your daily commitment.

  • Making a plan to do the activity for only 10 minutes is the way to go, and you may even do longer once you actually start.

6. Always remember why you are doing what you are doing. With so much focus put on setting the daily schedule and committing time, it becomes easy to forget why you started. Always try to remember your end goal.

  • Keep your ultimate goal in mind and the motivation will always be there.

Even if you have a long history of 3-day monk behavior, you can get off that familiar path by following the tips outlined above.

Successful people get where they are by devoting time to create meaningful progress.

It is impossible to achieve something that requires a lot of learning by devoting a ton of energy in the short term. Relax, take it slow, and always choose an activity that you know you truly love.

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