Subliminal 360 Review – Subliminal Messaging Software

Everyone has goal, whether it’s to be a more confident lover or to lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, our goals are often thwarted by the mental blocks we have in place regarding them. A lifetime of habit-forming keeps us from growing in new and positive directions. Subliminal 360 is a software available to help remove those mental barriers and create new, healthier habits and frames of mind.


How It Works

Once the software is included, you can create your own affirmations or use the pre-written ones that come in the included library. These affirmations will flash on your computer screen as you’re working or surfing the web. The affirmations flash at a rate faster than your conscious brain can perceive the information, but the subconscious part of your brain will work to fill in the gaps and will benefit from the power of the affirmations.

What’s Included

There are three versions of the Subliminal 360 software: the Amazing version, the Awesome version, and the Everything version. The Amazing version is the basic package, while the Awesome version and Everything version build on that cornerstone.

The Amazing version of the Subliminal 360 software includes:

  • The Subliminal 360 Software, which has a library of 350 subliminal sessions and a subliminal message affirmation editor
  • A library of 100 subliminal sessions with over 1200 affirmations
  • Support material
  • Lifetime support
  • A 1-Year money back guarantee

In addition to everything in the Amazing version, the Awesome version adds:

  • An additional 50 subliminal sessions and double the affirmations
  • A brain hacker library with over 25 audio subliminal messages

The everything version includes everything in the amazing package as well as:

  • An additional 200 subliminal sessions with over 4,000 affirmations total
  • The ability to create your own custom subliminal audio MP3s
  • A training video
  • Bonus vouchers

Who Is It For?

Subliminal 360 is perfect for anyone with a specific goal in mind, such as a goal to lose weight or to quit smoking. Although it can be used to bolster overall confidence, for example, the more specific the subliminal message is, the more powerful its impact on the user.


In general, Subliminal 360 uses the science of subliminal messaging to help rewire the brain and change negative mental habits. This can be hugely beneficial, especially to those with habits that have had severe negative effects on their lives or personal relationships.

Primary Areas Worked

The primary areas worked on with Subliminal 360 can be summarized by three major categories:

  • Increasing Confidence
  • Increasing Positive Thinking
  • Overcoming Personal Obstacles

Program Length

Subliminal messages can be used for as long or as short a period of time as the user desires. You may just need a boost of confidence before a big job interview, or you may need months of assistance losing weight or quitting a habit. One of the great things about Subliminal 360 is that the software is available for life, which means that you can continue to use it to better yourself and improve different behaviors over the course of your lifetime.


There is strong science to back up the fact that subliminal messaging works to ease habit changing for those who want to change. It’s unlikely to work for someone who doesn’t want to change their habits, however, and is not recommended to buy with someone else in mind. For example, installing it on your husband’s computer with messages to encourage him to drink less alcohol will likely have no effect unless he himself wants to lessen the amount he drinks alcohol. For this reason, it’s most effective when purchased and used with personal goals that the individual is actively working towards.


  • The ability to write your own affirmations. This means that you can tailor your experience to your individual needs.
  • A library of affirmations tailored towards some of the most common goals. If you’re not great with words, this may be a key aspect of the software for you


  • One major downside of Subliminal 360 is the fact that you can’t create MP3s with the Mac version of the software. This is important to know before purchasing the Everything version of the software as it would be a near-useless upgrade for a Mac user.
  • While the larger library sizes with the Awesome and Everything packages seem like a selling feature, we suspect that users won’t get a lot of use out of them, especially since the software comes with the ability to craft your own affirmations, which makes the increased cost between packages slightly less appealing.
  • Those with epilepsy may find subliminal messaging software to be triggering.

Subliminal 360 Price

Subliminal 360 costs $197 for the Amazing version, $227 for the Awesome version, or $247 for the Everything version. If the audio messages are important to you and you are thinking about the Awesome version, we generally recommend spending the extra $20 for the ability to edit your own audio files. However, if you’re a Mac user, the software to edit your own audio files won’t work and there’s no real reason for you to purchase the Everything version.


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