Subliminal Guru Review

On the first of every year as the ball drops over Times Square, the tradition is to create a resolution–a goal for the new year. Unfortunately, all too often the tradition on the second of every year is to ignore the resolution you set for yourself. Changing a lifetime of habits takes hard work. It takes an ability to overcome your pattern of thinking and reroute the neurons in your brain, and even as your conscious mind works to achieve your goals, your subconscious mind fights against you, desperate to stick with the status quo. With Subliminal Guru, it’s no longer necessary to get caught in this never-ending cycle of broken resolutions and failing self-control. Instead, you can set a goal and achieve tangible results in very little time.

How Does It Work? Subliminal messaging is a way to get messages past the conscious mind and embed them into the subconscious mind. Audio technology embeds verbal affirmations, such as “You’re awesome!” and plays them at low frequencies beneath music. This ensures that, while the conscious mind barely comprehends the message that is being set, the subconscious mind fully understands and absorbs the message. Subliminal Guru is a subliminal file superstore. It contains over 350 pre-recorded audio files with positive affirmations embedded underneath.   What’s Included Each of the 350+ subliminal MP3 downloads available on was hand-crafted by a qualified professional. Subliminal Guru includes MP3 files on a number of subjects, from becoming debt-free to ignoring your partner’s annoying snoring – goals you’ve wanted to achieve for a long time. Others are achievements you didn’t know could be on the horizon. In addition to individual MP3 files, Subliminal Guru offers a number of competitive bundle packs. Each album includes the exact wording of the included affirmations on the product description page so that you know exactly what your subconscious will be programmed to believe. Who Is It For? If you’ve ever struggled with a bad habit or negative attitude and want a solution that really works, Subliminal Guru is for you. Its vast and varied library ensures that anyone can find use of something on the website. Benefits The true benefit of Subliminal Guru comes from its expansive library. Even if you’re not sure what you want to change but are just looking to increase your understanding of yourself, there’s a sure bet that by searching through Subliminal Guru’s website you can find areas for self improvement. The website is easy to navigate and comes with a number of helpful categories for self-improvement. By using Subliminal Guru, you can increase your control over your emotional reaction to stimuli and get your conscious and subconscious minds on the same page. Program Length Each album on Subliminal Guru contains 6 10-minute audio files, each with positive affirmations embedded beneath the music. Depending on the strength of your negative habit and the difficulty of what you are trying to change, you may need to listen to the audio files once or several times for positive effects to take place. Subliminal Guru recommends listening to an album for a minimum of two weeks for best results. Effectiveness Subliminals have been researched since the 1950s. Studies show that subliminal messaging works. Although it will not change the behavior of those who do not want to change, it affects the subconscious mind and makes it easier to change for those who wish to. These are the best subliminal albums you’ll ever find. The Subliminal Guru superstore is huge. Buy them, change your life. It’s simple – Gillian Hood, These guys are founding fathers in the subliminal world. And the Subliminal Guru albums are the best you’ll find anywhere. Try them. – Sasha Xarrian, The most powerful, best value subliminal recordings around. You get 14 awesome MP3s with every single album. Just amazing. – Nick Madge,


  • Easy to use
  • Does not require downloading or installation of difficult software
  • Listening doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day
  • Can listen to multiple affirmations during the same span of time without counteracting the effects of each album
  • Audio subliminals much safer than visual subliminals for people prone to seizures


  • Because this is an audio library rather than a downloadable software, there is no ability to create or record your own affirmations.
  • Best enjoyed with headphones

Subliminal Guru Price

The majority of MP3 files on Subliminal Guru are $16.95, although prices on certain audio files may change. Subliminal Guru offers a discount if you purchase multiple files at the same time and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on its products.


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