Tap Yourself Wealthy: Using Emotional Freedom Technique for Abundance & Prosperity

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Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT, is a form of Meridian Tapping that utilizes both modern psychotherapy and ancient Chinese acupressure points.

This type of psychological acupressure employs the same energy meridians that have been used for over five thousand years in conventional acupuncture to treat psychological and physical ailments. The key difference being, that there are no needles used with EFT. In place of needles, you simply use your fingertips and tap along 9-12 acupuncture points. This tapping utilizes kinetic energy from your fingertips and stimulates your body’s energy meridian points, thereby ‘tapping’ into the healing power and energy of your own body. Along with the tapping, you repeat aloud a particular affirmation.

EFT has been scientifically proven to help heal emotional trauma, physical pain, and to even end addictions and negative habits. This is due to the fact that EFT can open up your brain’s stress centers both physically and emotionally at the same time, thereby effectively treating these issues, which may not always be treated with just psychotherapy alone.

Attraction Magnet

One of the best ways to attract wealth and abundance into your life is by using the Emotional Freedom Technique. Understand that abundance is simply an attitude, a degree of awareness. Once you have reached this level and ‘tapped’ into it, all forms of abundance (wealth, health, love, etc.) can easily flow into your life.

When broken down, your abundance is just another emotion regarding your true feelings towards wealth. Through social conditioning and family upbringing, most of us learn to have negative feelings towards our wealth. We learn that no amount of money is truly ever enough, or that we don’t really deserve to be wealthy.

This thought pattern has to be broken by tapping along the meridian points so that you can begin to believe and trust that you have enough money right now and that you will always have more than enough money. As soon as your consciousness is raised to truly believe this, the universe will open up to you and abundance can come pouring in. Conversely, if your personal beliefs regarding money are limiting in any way, then your finances will be limited too.

Where are your roots?

Just like in other healing modalities, in order to use EFT to attract wealth into your life, the true root cause of your limiting beliefs needs to be addressed. In most cases, these are emotional issues that have not been identified or resolved. For instance, you may have been raised to believe that money is the root of all evil – and therefore having too much money is a bad thing.

EFT can be used along with the correct affirmations and visualizations to remove any emotional blocks that you may have regarding your wealth that you might have learnt, inherited, or picked up since you were a babe, from your family members, your friends, and your society.

Our subconscious beliefs can really do us more harm than good – and tapping can help us quickly get rid of those damming beliefs.

Discovering Your True Beliefs

Most people make the honest mistake of believing that their current bank account amount, or their current earnings, are actually a direct result of an assortment of external influences that are outside of their control, as well as being the accumulation of mistakes that they have made over the past. The best way to overcome this is to realize that your current wealth accumulation (or lack thereof) is a result of your internal viewpoint. This will help you to regain control and begin to debunk your own false beliefs regarding wealth and money.

Uncovering The Root Of Your Beliefs

Your family set your internal viewpoints in stone years ago. Try to invoke your earliest childhood memory of your family’s dealings with money. Perhaps you remember your parents fighting over a bill, or having to work two jobs each just to put food on the table. Maybe they drove a beat up old car because they didn’t have enough of an income to afford the monthly payments on a newer car. Now think about the emotions and phrases your parents used, such as worry or disappointment. Did your family experience any traumatic events involving money when you were younger? Perhaps a messy divorce, or a job loss, or a sudden large expense like a medical bill. How did these circumstances effect you? Children learn from their parents; so what did you learn about money from your parents? By uncovering the root of your beliefs, you can better understand the money paradigm that has been subconsciously programed into you, specifically in regards to your emotional responses to money and in terms of your limiting beliefs.

Using EFT for Wealth

Unfortunately, most of us do not act logically when it comes to dealing with our money – we allow our emotions to rule instead. Our nervous systems are all hardwired to automatically feel and react in a particular manner around money. Nevertheless, we do have the power to manifest a shift in our unconscious beliefs too, by simply using our fingertips to tap lightly on acupressure points.

The first step in using EFT to overcome any obstacles you may have regarding wealth, is to learn the tapping points, or meridians. There are plenty of online sources and videos you can watch to locate these points:

  • The inner eyebrow right above the corner of your inner the eye, along the bone
  • The outer edge of eye, along the bone
  • Under and below the eye, along the bone
  • Under the nose, between it and your lip
  • Right in the middle of your chin
  • The meridian on the chest can be tricky to locate – simply go down 2 inches from the “U” shaped bone that sits just under your throat, and then move 2 inches to the right or left
  • The meridian that lies under your arm typically sits about three inches under the crease of your arm
  • There are meridian points along the insides of your wrists
  • In the middle of your crown

Make sure you tap firmly, but not hard enough that you are bruising yourself! Along with the tapping, you will also need to state an affirmation. Your unique affirmation should be based on recognizing and letting go any hidden fears or false beliefs you may have about money. Most EFT practitioners recommend the following:

“Even though I have this fear of wealth, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


“Even though I have this fear of failure, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Make New Beliefs and Set New Goals

Once you have let go of any outdated thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that no longer serve you regarding your wealth, you can then create new beliefs and set new goals for yourself involving money, wealth, and abundance. Be sure to set separate goals for your savings account, as well as for your income. Decide how much you really need and/or want more wealth and use that to determine how much willpower, energy, and focus you are going to use to help reach those goals. Next, create a new belief that is centered on your true self-worth. Remember, that the amount of money you earn is directly proportionate to your own perceived value.

Raise your belief in yourself, raise your value through tapping, and you will ultimately raise your income too.

One caveat here, if you feel that even though you are constantly striving towards these goals, yet you are not seeing any measurable abundance, it is most likely that you still have a hidden negative belief or feeling surrounding money in your life. You may need to dig a little deeper to unveil it. Once you have discovered it, you can then release through tapping, and set the stage for new beliefs as well.

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