Total Money Magnetism Review

total money magnetism review

Achieving more financial wealth in life has been at the cornerstone of why people study the art of manifesting or law of attraction. However, much of the reason as to why people do not have more money is a result of the way they think. Many discount the power of their subconscious mind and the money-limiting beliefs and habits that are preventing any financial growth.

Total Money Magnetism: The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaire’s + Six Step Millionaire Brain-Building Audio Program is a six-step method course dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between a poverty mindset and millionaire thinking. This step-by-step blueprint, created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, comes with six powerful MP3 tracks containing scientifically proven technology focused on activating your rich brain. The ultimate goal of this product is to drastically improve your focus, brain-connections, and energy in the exact areas of your brain needed to achieve a millionaire life.

What’s Included

The Total Money Magnetism course contains a plethora of audio tracks, bonuses, and features intended with shifting, what Dr. Steve G. Jones calls, your “poor brain” into a “rich brain”. Here is what you can expect from this audio package:

Total Money Magnetism eBook

One copy of the Total Money Magnetism eBook with highly proven and clinically tested techniques, knowledge, and information on shifting your brain.

6 Rich-Brain Audio Tracks

6 self-help hypnosis MP3 tracks recorded by Steve G. Jones that complement the main product to bring about more wealth and financial success in your life. These hypnosis tracks were personally designed to rewire your brain for optimal outcomes and increased positivity.

“Amazing Self” Subscription

Alongside the main product, you will receive a free month’s subscription to Steve G. Jones’s personal development course. This course is a broader approach towards positive thinking and success in the areas of love, wealth, health, and life.

3 Fastest Ways To Make Money Online

In conjunction with Total Money Magnetism, this video course, by internet marketer, Mark Ling, is a powerful step-by-step marketing course on achieving your financial goals on the internet.

Millionaires Mindset Video

To better understand how millionaires think, you will also receive a video which includes multiple real-life self-made millionaires. Intended to kickstart your thinking into financial success, this video showcases the commonality of thought between millionaires.

Who Is It For?

The intention behind Total Money Magnetism is to supply the guidance that people have been lacking when it comes to building a wealthy lifestyle. This program is produced for people wanting to enhance their financial success and understand how millionaires predominantly think.


The Total Money Magnetism program appears to be the perfect package for you to harness the power of your mind to bring forth success and total financial freedom in your life. With the 152-page book, you will kick out self-sabotaging beliefs and minimize your negative thinking in efforts to increase positive brain functions, making room for more abundance.

This product, without question, contains some of the most profound and world-renown information in the field of abundance and financial wealth. Produced by an expert hypnotherapist and multimillionaire, Total Money Magnetism is accompanied by two other courses and real-life millionaire interviews for added benefit and learning power.

Overall Feedback

This course is filled with knowledge collected from multimillionaires packaged alongside with 6 powerful mp3 hypnosis tracks to enhance your brain function and wealth capacity. With a fully digital program, it is up to you to set the time aside to study the material and begin implementing the techniques and methods taught in the course that have helped many attract financial wealth.

This affordable self-development course could be a beneficial investment in awakening your brain’s capacity to achieve more wealth, happiness, and success than ever imaginable. All it takes is that first step. Are you willing?


  • The publishing company credited for Total Money Magnetism, Unica Publications, has a proven track record of exceptional products.
  • Steve G. Jones has a successful history in the field of finance, wealth, and mental positivity.
  • Reasonably priced for $47 USD, it comes with a full book and 6 hypnosis audio tracks.
  • As a bonus for registering, you will receive constant updates and support.
  • A digital copy of the Total Money Magnetism book so you can read from a tablet, laptop, or cellphone.
  • Generous refund window allows you to assess whether this is the perfect product for you.


  • Lacking content compared to other competing products in the same niche around the same price.
  • Only comes in a digital format.
  • Requires setting allotted time aside for reading and listening of the audio hypnosis. Without consistency, you may notice minimal results.

Total Money Magnetism Price

The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaire’s + Six Step Millionaire Brain-Building Audio Program with two added courses is priced at only $47, making it one of the more affordable courses in the field of financial self-help.