The Ultimate NLP Course Review

Have you ever wondered what separates highly successful individuals from the rest of society? It’s not their intelligence or their money or their families. What separates highly successful people from everyone else is their ability to use their brain to its fullest extent, breaking down any mental blocks that stand in the way of their success. If you want to rise up and become one of the most successful people you know, you must first learn how to gain confidence in yourself and work around the blocks you set up in your own mind to keep yourself safe from failure. Ultimate NLP is your guide on this path.

How Does It Work?

Ultimate NLP relies on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a science of the brain that has been popular in self-help circles since the 1970s. While learning about neuro-linguistic programming has, in the past, required intensive study of heavy-duty theory courses, Ultimate NLP has condensed the material into a two-hour course which will walk you through the eight major NLP tricks to transform your life and the lives of those around you.

What’s Included

  • The complete NLP course, a 2-hour CD covering the essentials of neuro-linguistic programming
  • Transcript of the entire course with additional annotations
  • PDF and Audio versions of Karl Moore’s 18 Rules of Happiness

Who Is It For?

Ultimate NLP is for anyone who wants to transform their lives and the lives of those around them. It increases self-confidence and overall success.


Ultimate NLP uses the power of neuro-linguistic programming to boost your confidence, crush stage fright, and conquer fears and phobias. Even better, once you know the 8 tricks to NLP you can use them over and over again, not only to help yourself achieve happiness but also to help your loved ones become their most successful selves.

Program Length

One of the greatest things about Ultimate NLP is the length. Two hours is all you need to completely change your life with this CD. Although you will spend a bit more time if you choose to read the accompanying PDF documents, with two hours you can reasonably expect real results.


If you’ve ever read about neuro-linguistic programming, you understand that the rerouting of neural pathways in your brain to go around roadblocks and create new, stronger roads in areas you want to connect is extremely powerful. It’s as if you are breaking ground in your own mind, building new trails for the rest of your life.

Bradley Thompson – NLP can turn around your life. This course gives you the 8 most powerful NLP techniques for total inner transformation – and guides you through each of them over 2 exciting hours. A genuinely awesome product.


  • No tricky software to download
  • Audio and visual forms of the material to cater to multiple styles of learning
  • Only takes 2 hours to transform your life
  • Physical CD means that you don’t have to worry about losing information if something happens to your computer


  • Because it comes in CD format, it is not available instantly, and the user must wait a couple of days to enjoy the product

Ultimate NLP Price

Ultimate NLP costs $79.95 to purchase. They do not charge shipping and handling and will ship internationally. Ultimate NLP also offers a one-month satisfaction guarantee on their product. If you’re not entirely satisfied with your product, you can send the product back to receive a refund.