Universal Wealth Secrets Review

Universal Wealth Secrets Review

Many people in America dream and wish to win the lottery in efforts to become rich, thinking this will solve all their problems. While winning the lottery can be extremely rewarding, what many people are unaware of are the financial obligations and responsibilities that come with winning a large amount of money. As a result, these people unknowingly surrender and sabotage their own personal finances through the subconscious poor-money mindset.


Universal Wealth Secrets is a highly intensive self-development program intended to train your subconscious mind to think from a space of abundance rather than lack. The reality is millions of people sabotage their own personal success and abundance with their thoughts. The goal with this program is to provide you with proven secrets that can transform your subconscious mind and ability to shape your reality into the rich, abundant, and wealthy lifestyle you dream of.

What’s Included

The Universal Wealth Secrets is a digital program that includes multiple tools to properly reprogram the subconscious mind from resorting to lack and poverty and usher in wealth and abundance.

The Universal Wealth Secrets Manual

The core of the entire digital program stems from this 239-page eBook. The Universal Wealth Secrets Manual will teach you precisely how to make more money and how to break the poverty mindset in your life through ancient methods such as visualization and hypnosis. Additionally, the Universal Wealth Secrets Manual will teach you how to live and create a healthier body and mind. You can expect to finish reading this book motivated and inspired to create your reality.

The Universal Wealth Secrets Process Map

The Universal Wealth Secrets Process Map is designed to help individuals on their path towards financial freedom. Since many people struggle to stick to goals or define financial paths, this tool was meant to be a metaphorical treasure map to help each person find the golden chest in their life.

The Unlimited Wealth Attraction Brainwave Entrainment Audio

To further the enhancement and quality of the program, creator Chris D’Cruz, provides the Universal Wealth Attraction Brainwave Entrainment audio. This is simply an audio that will help reprogram the functionality of the subconscious mind, making it easier for you to attract financial freedom.

Who Is It For?

The Universal Wealth Secrets is the perfect digital program for anyone seeking to take control over their life and create an abundant future. So, if you are tired of living in the same financial state and suffering at the hands of a poor mindset, this program was designed for you.


The Universal Wealth Secrets digital program provides consumers with the perfect tool to begin reprogramming their subconscious mind and introducing different avenues to shaping and creating reality. With a lengthy eBook full of valuable information, an audio track to supplement the material, and a process map to help guide each person along the way – this product was designed to help people realize their true abundant nature.

Overall Feedback

The entire program by Chris D’Cruz was designed to help individuals who are struggling and succumbing to poor thinking. Since thousands of people fail to see their true abundant nature. Universal Wealth Secrets was created to help people shape an abundant and wealthy future. As you read through each chapter, it’s highly suggested to listen to the audio track feature that comes with the digital program.


  • The digital program is easy to follow and implement.
  • The program is designed to help you set life goals and change your reality.
  • Out of the many different self-development programs available today, Universal Wealth Secrets is relatively affordable.
  • There are numerous case studies that prove the success of the secrets embedded in the program.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The program is advertised as if it’s a physical product; however, the entire program is digitally based.
  • The structure of the program is quite confusing.
  • The eBook is not properly structured or formatted.
  • The exercises introduced in the program may seem too difficult or undesirable to implement every day.

Universal Wealth Secrets Price

The Universal Wealth Secrets digital self-development program is currently selling for $37.00.