Zen12 Brainwave Meditation Review

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If you’ve ever tried meditation and realized how hard it is to quiet your mind or stop fidgeting, you may have decided that you will never feel the benefits of deep meditation. That doesn’t have to be the case. Zen12 uses special brainwave technology to meditate for you so you don’t have to concentrate on the meditation. Enjoy all the benefits of deep meditation with none of the effort.

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How Does It Work?

Zen12 works based on very simple principles. The MP3 audios play specific brainwave frequencies which are meant to simulate deep meditation. In turn, through a process called brainwave entrainment, your brain automatically copies these pulses. This brings you into a state of deep meditation effortlessly.

Over time, your brain strengthens and becomes accustomed to certain levels of meditation. This is where Zen12 really shines. Just as your brain is becoming acclimated to a certain level of meditation, you move on to the next level of Zen12 and strengthen your brain even further. This is the same way exercise works your muscles, allowing you to work harder as your exercise progresses. For more information about the science behind Zen12, check out the science page and comprehensive video guide available on their website.

All that’s required from you is that you download the Zen12 MP3 files and listen to one 12-minute audio session a few times a week. You don’t have to listen every day if you don’t want or don’t have time, although obviously the more often you listen to the audio files the greater your reward will be.  

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What’s Included

Each level of Zen12 includes MP3s with nature sounds, white noise, guided meditation, and relaxation music. Mixing and matching the MP3s ensures your meditative practice never gets boring and continues to provide benefit to you no matter what your mood. Zen12 has twelve months worth of meditation, with each month guiding you further into your meditative practice so that the program grows as you grow. Each session lasts only 12 minutes, which makes it perfect for the busy meditator.  

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Who Is It For?

Although Zen12 was originally designed with the beginning meditator in mind, they offer the option to buy their modules 6 months at a time, which allows advanced meditators to skip over the early meditations and still reap the benefits of the more advanced meditative experience offered.

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Pros and Cons


  • Only takes 12 minutes per day
  • Four different MP3s for each level of your meditation ensures your practice doesn’t get old
  • Practice grows as you grow
  • One easy download gives you access to the full breadth of available meditation
  • Easy-to-navigate website and clear explanations of the science behind the practice
  • 1 Year money back guarantee
  • Lifetime support

  • Zen12 is built to last 12 months, which means that after the 12 months are over you will not be able to continue to grow your meditation

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Meditation has been proven to decrease stress, increase self-satisfaction, and even decrease pain levels. Zen12 allows even the least focused among us to achieve these same results. It trains the mind to achieve deep meditation. By working your mind over time, you’ll find it becomes easier to enter meditative states naturally and reap the benefits of meditation.

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Program Length

Zen12 is so named because it provides twelve months of meditative practice. The beginner module of Zen12 takes 6 months to complete, and the advanced module takes an additional 6 months. Each module has 24 MP3s contained within it–a total of four for each month which grow as your meditation grows.

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Zen12 is like exercise for your brain. Like any type of exercise, you get out of it what you put into it. Those who follow the program and continue to listen to and progress with the Zen12 meditations will find themselves achieving deeper states of relaxation and inner peace.

Bob Doyle – Teacher in The Secret movie – Zen12 is wonderful and a joy to listen to. The variety of sessions are terrific. I’ve got the whole program loaded into my phone and LOVE listening throughout the day. If you’re short on time, THIS is the program to get!

Lily Jensen – Complete bliss and serenity. No more stress or worry. Calm, focused attention. More happiness. These are the benefits that I experience as soon as I listen to Zen12.

Carolyn Hansen – I’m just writing to provide a big thumbs up for your Zen12 meditation MP3s. I love them, and I’m happy for you to share this with your customers. If anyone has problems meditating, and wants fast results, this is the program to try.

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Zen12 offers twelve months of meditative practice separated into two six-month modules costing $67  each. However, you can purchase all twelve months of meditative practice for just $87, which is a huge savings over time. Zen12 also offers a year-long money-back guarantee on its products.

Try the Most Powerful Meditation Audio Ever!
Get all the benefits of 1 hour's meditation in just 12 minutes. Click the red button to claim your FREE brainwave audio!
8.5 Total Score
Zen12 Summary

Zen12 is one of the most exciting meditative practices we’ve seen. We love the fact that each module grows as you grow and that you can buy the entire 12 months worth of audio at one time instead of having to buy each month bit by bit. If we were to have any negative feedback about Zen12, it’s only that they have yet to come out with Zen24 or Zen36. This is a highly recommended product that we truly believe everyone should bring into their lives.


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