Zenmind Affirmations Review

Reach Your Full Potential With This Powerful Hypnosis Audio. Increase your mental and physical performance... So you can stop feeling like you're missing out and finally start living life to your fullest potential.


Everyone has bad days, right? Sometimes it feels as if the universe works against you and you have bad day after bad day while in the office next to you, you see someone who continually achieves everything they want in life. Zen Mind Affirmations works on the concept that you control your own life. If you are positive and have a positive frame of mind, good things will happen to you. Your relationship with the world around you is dependent not only on what happens to you but on how you react. By changing your state of mind, Zen Mind Affirmations helps you become a better, happier person.

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How Does It Work?

Zen mind affirmations works using a combination of meditation and positive affirmations to transform your mind and help you lead a happier, more prosperous life. Zen Mind Affirmations uses downloadable MP3 files to deliver soft meditations and low-frequency positive affirmations right through your headphones. It uses a combination of binaural and isochronic beats to help you achieve deeper states of meditation and to help the positive affirmations root themselves in your subconscious.

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What’s Included

Zen Mind Affirmations comes with eight downloadable MP3 modules on eight distinct topics:

  • Healing
  • Self-Esteem
  • Success
  • Abundance & Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Life Purpose
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Delta Super Booster

In addition to these eight distinct meditative modules, Zen Mind Affirmations also includes a complete instructional guide, a video guide, and several E-Books to help enhance your learning experience.

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Who Is It For?

Zen Mind Affirmations can be used by anyone and everyone. Learning to respond to life’s challenges in an upbeat and positive manner and reap the benefits available to you because of it is helpful to all people.

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Pros and Cons


  • Let your ears do the work! Zen Mind Affirmations works by sending specific sound waves to your brain, requiring little to no active effort on your part
  • One download gives you access to everything Zen Mind Affirmations has to offer
  • Unique combination of binaural beats, isochronic beats, meditation, and positive affirmations gives you the best of multiple worlds
  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • Introductory video doesn’t display the true passion for the topic we’d like to see
  • It’s unclear how long each module takes to complete or how much listening is recommended each day for maximum benefits

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The benefits of Zen Mind Affirmation are plentiful. They include decreased stress and an increased ability to handle the challenges life throws at you. Deeper states of meditation mean that you can relax and achieve inner peace. The positive affirmations embedded into your subconscious mind will help you continue to be positive and upbeat. By changing your mind, you will change the way you interact with the universe. This will naturally ensure that the universe continues to provide for you, leading to more lifelong success over time.

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Program Length

Zen Mind Affirmations can be listened to and fully absorbed in just 21 days, although it is unclear based on the website how much listening is required each day in order to stick with this 21-day timeline.

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Binaural beats, isochronic beats, meditation, and subliminal messages have all been scientifically proven to help with relaxation and mind-body connection. Reviews of Zen Mind Affirmations claim that the downloadable audio files are relaxing and spiritually uplifting.

Eva Sjogren – To start using Zenmind Affirmations on a regular basis is one of the best choices I have ever made. “What we think we become. So by giving ourselves the gift of Zenmind Affirmations we simply make the best choice in transforming our lives. It’s also very relaxing and a perfect way of pampering yourself. I have only great things to say about this program

Freddy Nielsen – Personal Development Coach – If you want to make a positive change in your life, Thomas Di Leva’s Zenmind Affirmations can make the difference. It’s one of the most powerful personal development tools on this planet

Sanskrit Teacher & Meditation Expert – Thomas knows more about transforming your life and fulfilling your dreams than just about anyone. His personal development techniques and guidance is more than stellar. I’ve seen him develop his life-changing methods for more than 10 years and it only gets better and better

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Zen Mind Affirmations complete package is available for just $67 and includes a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Although this money-back guarantee is not as long as some we’ve seen, 60 days still gives you plenty of time to try out the product and decide whether or not it works for you. The price is reasonable considering the large quantity of material you receive as a result.

Reach Your Full Potential With This Powerful Hypnosis Audio. Increase your mental and physical performance... So you can stop feeling like you're missing out and finally start living life to your fullest potential.
8.5 Total Score
Zenmind Affirmations Summary

The science behind Zen Mind Affirmations is sound, using a lot of the positives we’ve previously seen from binaural beats, isochronic beats, meditation, and positive affirmations. We believe these are sound, science-based practices. The reviews on the website say that the downloadable MP3s are soothing and helpful, and we love the fact that you get the complete Zen Mind Affirmations package with one purchase. Unfortunately, the low-budget website layout and dull introductory video do little to inspire confidence in the creators of Zen Mind Affirmations.


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